Double Majors

Kettering University's academic programs are rigorous. For students who endeavor to achieve more than most, it is possible to obtain a double major. 

A double major means students obtain a  single bachelor’s degree while completing all course requirements for two different majors within the degree. Both majors are shown on one diploma. Typically, students pursuing  this option require at least one additional academic term.

Kettering University students working together in the lab.

Approved Dual Programs

The departments of the programs have agreed upon a curriculum that satisfies all requirements for a double major. Programs not listed require approval of the appropriate department(s).

Computer Engineering

  • Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Science

  • Computer Science and Applied Math
  • Computer Science and Applied Physics
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering