Biochemistry & Chemistry

So many of the most promising innovations and ideas of the 21st Century depend on the work of chemists and biochemists. At Kettering, that’s our specialty: preparing scientists to change the world. With small classes, state-of-the-art labs, co-op and experiential learning opportunities — no one does Chemistry and Biochemistry like Kettering.

Example of Employers

Argonne National LaboratoryIAC North AmericaNeogen
BiometJHP PharmaceuticalsPerrigo
Continental Structured PlasticsLubrizolUmicore Autocat USA
Henry Ford Health SystemMagnaVision Therapy Group
Hurley Medical Center

Get in the Lab

Learn the fundamentals through hands-on experience.

See our labs in action

You’ll learn the fundamentals of chemical properties and interactions—and get a chance to perform experiments with instrumentation not seen by most undergraduates. You’ll gain hands-on experience in areas such as reaction energetics, organic synthesis, chromatography, spectroscopy and chemical thermodynamics.

  • In our Life Science Labs (like General Biology, Human Biology, Genetics, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Anatomy & Physiology), you’ll study the surface structure and elemental composition of everything from insects to complex computer chips with our Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope.
  • You will learn biological techniques such as DNA mutagenesis, protein expression and purification, and microscopy where students look at human tissues & microorganisms under the microscope, dissect organisms, study polymerically preserved human cadavers and perform simulated surgeries.

With facilities like these, it’s no surprise that we attract some of the brightest and best Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty.