Ezekiel Gebissa, (Ph.D. History, Michigan State, 97), is Professor of History at Kettering University. He is the author of Leaf of Allah: Khat and the Transformation of Agriculture in Harerge Ethiopia, 1875–1991 and sole-editor of Contested Terrain: Essays on Oromo Studies, Ethiopianist Discourses, and Politically Engaged Scholarship and Taking the Place of Food: Khat in Ethiopia.  He has published articles in international journals including Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Substance Use and Misuse, Northeast African Studies, African Studies Quarterly and Journal of Oromo Studies. He has also published several book chapters, encyclopedia articles and entries, review essays, and book reviews. He is the translator and editor of Evangelical Faith Movement in Ethiopia: The Origins and Establishment of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church and the former editor of Northeast African Studies and current editor of the Journal of Oromo Studies. 

His research focuses on investigating and understanding chains of historical political and economic forces that shape global discourses on human security, sustainability in development, and social movements. While the specific geographic research interest is the Horn of Africa with connections across the Red Sea to the Arabian Peninsula, his research has broader implications for exploring people’s response to incentives (markets or ideas), decision-making processes based on indigenous knowledge (cropping patterns or worship practices), and the resultant political, cultural, and socioeconomic transformations (state-society or church-society relations). He teaches courses on leadership, sustainable development, and contemporary issues in Africa and the Middle East.