The Science of Art and the Art of Science

Science and Art - they are not really very different. Science and art are ways that humans try to understand and communicate about the world around us. Both require us to be creative, both require us to try new things, both require us to practice and to make things.

A molecular compound drawn as intertwines leaves and branches.

July 14-20, 9 a.m - 4 p.m.

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In this camp you approach the arts from both angles - from the angle of the artist, through classes and interactions with the Flint Institutes - explore music, dance, theater and visual arts, and also from the angle of scientist - discovering new ways to create sound, map movement, digitally create stories and songs, program dance and work with new materials.

We are looking for artists who love science and scientists that love the arts! Some of our SciArts activities include:

  • Explore the beauty of music and and sound and use physics to design an instrument
  • Choreograph new movement and dance, using people and technology as participants in the performance
  • Write stores and then tell those stories through digital media
  • Use scientific data as the basis for visual artistic expression, creating drawings and paintings from under the microscope

If you have a passion for both science and art, then come and create with us!

Program Fee:  $750

Grades: 9-10