Real Life College Experience

Getting students inspired about the fields of STEM drives us to offer many great residential pre-college programs for students in high school, addressing a variety of topics and interests.

Academically Interested Minds (AIM)

Academically Interested Minds

July 5 - August 3, 2018

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The AIM program at Kettering University is a five-week residential summer program for high school students of color (in the graduating class of 2019) who are interested in science, technology, engineering, math and business.  Started in 1984, Kettering University developed the AIM program to help students of color make a successful transition from high school to college.

AIM Program Highlights

This program provides students with real college experience. Students enroll in college-level courses to develop functional, quantitative and qualitative skills.

Course offerings include:

  • Business Management
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry with Lab
  • Computer Programming with Lab
  • Economics
  • Physics with Lab

Students also participate in a career institute which exposes them to a variety of professions in engineering, science, math and business.

Eligibility:  Students of color presently in the 11th grade. Participants must have a minimum 3.0 grade-point average in high school English, math and science courses. Students should have taken two years of algebra or the equivalent; one year of geometry; one year of chemistry with lab; and two years of English. Students must commit to the entire five-week residential experience.

Program Fee: There is no fee to apply, but students who are selected to participate in the 2018 AIM program are required to pay a $500 program fee. Financial assistance may be available. Kettering University and its corporate supporters will cover all other program costs.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to obtain additional information, please contact:

Mr. Ricky D. Brown, Director
Office of Multicultural Student Initiatives
Toll-free:  800-955-4464 ext 9845 or 810-762-9845

Ms. Stephanie Jones, Associate Director
Office of Multicultural Student Initiatives
Toll-free:  800-955-4464 ext 7328 or 810-762-7328

Checking stock market prices is an important business skill.

Business Financial Investing Camp

July 30 - August 3, 9 am - 4 pm

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Do you know the difference between a bear market and a bull market? Have you ever wondered how stocks work and how people make money with them? In this week-long camp, students learn about the exciting world of financial investing and then participate in a four-month online game trading real
stocks with fake money. Students get the excitement of watching stocks grow and learn how to research companies to make informed decisions. For students in Grades 9-12.

Participants will meet again on November 10, 2018, at Discover Kettering where they will present their final portfolios.

Program fee: $700 (includes five nights of room and board)

Computer Engineering Summer Camps

Computer Engineering Camp I 

July 23 - 27

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This camp exposes students to the field of computer engineering by using technology that is currently being used for developing intelligent
systems. They learn how consumer electronics, automobiles and robots are made smart by using microcontrollers embedded in these products. Students design, build and program entry-level microcontroller-based applications, such as robots, and learn how to wire sensors to the processor
and implement programs to make their robot intelligent. Students also write Android apps for remotely controlling their robot. Participants receive a microcontroller kit to keep.

Admissions Requirements

  • 9-12 Grades (must have completed 8th grade by June 30, 2018)
  • Must have daily transportation to and from Kettering University
  • Camp size is limited to the first 20 registered students

Program Fee

  • $750/residential camps - includes daily lunch, camp supplies (including five nights of room and board, microcontroller Kit) and a camp t-shirt
  • Need-based scholarships available

Computer Engineering Camp-II (day camp option available)

July 30 - August 3

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This is an intermediate to advanced level program for high school students who have some basic background in introductory level programming
or robotics experience. CE Camp 1 is not required for this camp but participants who completed Camp 1 will have the necessary background for CE Camp 2.

Students explore the field of computer engineering by using technology that is currently being used for developing intelligent systems. Embedded computers are found at the core of such systems. This camp uses low-cost and widely available credit card-sized single-board computers. Students learn how to configure and program the single-board computer and communicate with various electronic devices such as a webcam, a motor and robotic sensors. For the final challenge, students build and program a small-scale autonomous vehicle that is controlled by the single-board computer and additional sensors.

Admissions Requirements

  • 9-12 Grades (must have completed 8th grade by June 30, 2018)
  • Camp size is limited to the first 20 registered students

Program Fee

  • $750/residential camps - includes daily lunch, camp supplies (including five nights of room and board, single-board computer project kit) and a camp t-shirt
  • Need-based scholarships available

Camp Advisory

You are required to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Bare-midriff tops and open shoes (sandals or flip-flops) are not permitted.

FIRST Robotics Community Center at Kettering University

FIRST Robotics Summer Camps

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The FIRST Robotics Community Center at Kettering University hosts a number of Robotics Camps for students in grades 1-12 including two residential camps for high school students.

High School Students: First Robotics Competition (FRC)

  • July 30-August 3 - Prototype and Design Challenge
  • August 6-10 and July 30-August 10 - Half-Court Shooting Water Game
  • August 13-17 - Autonomous Programming - Intermediate/Advanced

Lives Improve Through Engineering (LITE)

Lives Improve Through Engineering

July 15 - 27, 2018

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LITE is a two-week residential program created by Kettering University. LITE introduces young women who will complete 11th grade by July 1, 2018 to what engineers do and how they improve people’s lives by using math, science and technology to find solutions to human problems.

LITE Program Highlights

  • See how engineers help prevent injuries by designing airbags and child car seats and testing them with crash test dummies.

  • Learn how engineers repair joints, limbs and organs by making replacements that are functional and durable.

  • Explore environmental challenges in engineering.

  • Solve crimes by combining science and technology.

  • Learn how to change the world through engineering.


We'll select 36 participants from across the country.

  • Female
  • Completed the 11th grade by July 1, 2018
  • 3.0 or higher GPA
  • Strong-interest in science and math

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email letting you know how and where to send an official transcript along with a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher.

Program Fee

  • $1,500 includes housing (Thompson Hall), all meals, access to our recreation center, social events, field trips, and a recognition banquet.
  • Scholarships for families with need. Contact our program director, Deborah Stewart,

Important Notes

  • Acceptance letters to the LITE program will be mailed before the end of May, once all applications have been reviewed.
  • This is a residential program therefore it is mandatory to stay on campus for the entire program, you are not allowed to leave on the weekends.
  • As a LITE attendee you are expected to participate in all scheduled events and to remain on campus for the entire two weeks.

SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Expo

Please check back in late 2018 for next year's Expo.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) empowers women to succeed and to be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements, as engineers and leaders. If you're a smart and creative high school girl and want to learn more about science, here is your chance.