The Order of the Engineer is a fellowship of engineers nationwide who are dedicated to the practice and teaching of their profession. Initiation into the order includes commitment to the “Obligation of the Engineer” and acceptance of a stainless steel ring which symbolizes the unity of the profession. The ring is worn on the little finger of the working hand as a symbol of the wearer’s calling. Inductees are encouraged to display the signed Certificate as a reminder of their publicly accepted obligation.

Induction into the Order is open to Senior II and Senior III engineering students. The ceremonies are held only during Summer and Fall terms.

During Summer Term 2012, engineering students Heather Allen (ME), Alexander Carrasco (ME), Cameron Caufield (ME), Bryan Coburn (ME), Nicole Findlay (ME), Jacob Hassold (EE), George Kelly (EE), Andrew Middleton (ME), Matthew Palm (ME), Melissa Partlo (ME), Andrew Rudzki (ME), Adam Schneider (ME), Ronald Smith (ME), Ryan Stevens (ME), Ethan Stiles (ME), Devin Sutherland (ME) Peter Thorwall (ME) and Erik Zavicar (ME) were inducted on Sept. 13.

The ceremony was conducted by Professor Chuck White (IME) and Professor Richard Dippery (ME). Attendees included Kettering’s Provost Robert Simpson, ME Department Head Craig Hoff, and IME Department Head W.L. Scheller.