CETL Resources

CETL maintains a number of resources intended to improve the learning environment at Kettering University. The CETL Collaboration Center (Rm. 3-103) is located in the heart of the Academic Building, across the hall from the faculty senate and next door to a renovated student classroom to promote collaboration between faculty, students, staff and constituents of Kettering. The CETL Meeting Rooms (Rm. 1-336) can be scheduled for ongoing meetings, workshops, and gatherings of faculty, staff and students. The Kettering library maintains a collection of multimedia holdings for CETL including journals, books, periodicals, and videos related to teaching and learning. Most materials are available for checkout to members of the Kettering Community. One-on-one assessment may be requested for classroom issues and/or instructional design.

Please utilize CETL resources to assist with the primary mission of improving the learning environment at Kettering.

Teaching with Technology

In recent years integration of instructional technology into the university classroom has become a significant part of education. As such, resources for educating and assisting faculty in this new realm have become crucial. CETL seeks to support the university's commitment to excellence in teaching and learning by providing information and support in the use of educational technology. 

The links below offer instructors new technological tools, ideas, and resources that can have a significant impact on student learning in an online environment. 

This set of resources used with the permission of Minnesota State University Mankato.