Getting the Word Out

There are many ways to promote the great things happening in your departments, clubs and organizations. One of the best ways is through an announcement on the Current Students and Faculty & Staff pages. Announcements generally are reserved for information such as:

  • Save the date for a Kettering University event (event must be more than a week in the future)
    If your event is a week away or less, please visit Event Submission to add it to the online campus events calendar. No announcement will be necessary.
  • Announce awards, promotions, or new employees
  • Provide information of general interest to the Kettering community

To request an announcement, use the form below. To submit an event for the online campus events calendar, visit Event Submission. If you have already submitted it for the online campus events calendar, there is no need to visit Event Submission.



Enter the announcement text. Copy editing will be provided prior to the announcement being posted.
Upload an image that can be used with your announcement.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png.