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Training Materials

Argos Core Skill Training AgendaAgenda

Argos Core Skill Training WorkbookTraining Workbook 

Argos Core Skill Training - Creating LettersTraining - Creating Letters 

Argos Core Skill Training - Creating Mailing LabelsTraining - Creating Labels 

Argos Email GuidelinesArgos Email Guidelines 

Argos Report Training

Argos is a powerful reporting solution designed for everyone from novice users to the most seasoned technical experts.  Training sessions are designed to illustrate the features of the product, show how to access the support resources and familiarize different types of users with their capabilities in Argos through hands-on training.

A detailed agenda and description of the material covered in each training session will be sent to employees prior to training.  Trainers are careful to cover all topics listed in the session descriptions, but opt not to use an hour-by-hour schedule.  This allows trainers to facilitate more dynamic sessions, with opportunities for discussion and independent lab times determined by the attendees’ progression through the material.  It also allows for the report writers and the trainer to customize certain segments of the training to accommodate specific attendees.

Maximize your Training Experience

  • Familiarize yourself with Argos

In preparation for Argos training, we strongly encourage you go online and watch the pre-training videos to begin to familiarize yourself with Argos. You will receive a separate email providing instructions on how to access your personal Evisions website account and view the pre-training videos.

Pre-training MaterialsPre-training Materials for Report Writers.

  • Create your department’s Argos DataBlocks

The IT staff is working aggressively to build the appropriate DataBlocks to enable your success in creating department reports.

What is a DataBlock?

DataBlocks are much like Banner Views.  Complicated Banner table joins are prewritten by IT staff allowing University Report Writers to focus their time on creating timely, user-friendly reports.

How do I request my department’s DataBlock?

During Core Skill Training the trainer will cover in detail the process for requesting creation and modification of DataBlocks to best meet your department’s reporting needs. Training labs will provide the opportunity for you to apply your new skills toward writing your first Argos department report.

IT Staff will work diligently to create at least one DataBlock for you to use during training.  If your department has not been working with IT on building DataBlocks, it’s important to take action now

  1. Begin by reviewing your department’s reports.  Initially, select a couple of your easier reports that can be used during training lab time in creating your first Argos report. 
  2. Once you have identified a couple simplistic reports, create a PDF document of the first page of your report (we don’t need the entire report at this point). 
  3. Send an email to and attach your reports.In the email subject line include the following text:  “Argos – DataBlock Request for [your department name]”

Someone in IT will be in touch to confirm your DataBlock request has been received.  We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to create DataBlocks for the numerous departments within the University.

  • Argos Core Skill Writing Training Agenda and Workbook

Argos Core Skill Training AgendaArgos Core Skill Training Agenda for Report Writers.

Argos Core Skill Training WorkbookArgos Core Skill Training Workbook for Report Writers.

Argos Core Skill Training - Creating LettersArgos Core Skill Training - Creating Letters for Report Writers.

Argos Core Skill Training - Creating Mailing LabelsArgos Core Skill Training - Creating Mailing Labels for Report Writers.

Argos Email GuidelinesArgos Email Guidelines for Report Writers.