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Can we get the larger green popcorn bags back.


New bags are available with the new popcorn machine.



Could we please get an updated microwave oven for the Faculty/Staff side of the cafeteria.


This has been purchased and is located in the Sunset room.



Dwight's pasta bar and Bob's quesadilla's were both
exceptional today!  (3/20/12)


Provide Smaller Popcorn Bags.

Implemented March 5th.



Provide some nutritional insight to food that help with brain power/increase test scores.

This event will be held on March 7th.   Nutritionists from Hurley Medical Center will be available to answer any questions.  They will also be providing "Brain Power" foods to help students.



Can you have themed weekend food?

We provide Chef Bill's Blazin Bistro on Saturday nights and a hotel style weekend brunch on Sunday mornings in the Sunrise room.



Can you accept Credit Cards?

Credit Cards have been implemented in all cafe locations.  We accept Visa and Mastercard.