West Michigan Co-op Fair

Mar 5, 2004

Kettering gears up for the upcoming event in Grand Rapids.

Between 15-20 companies are set to participate when the Kettering University West Michigan Regional Co-op Interview Fair takes place Thursday, March 11, in Grand Rapids at the Centennial Country Club.

The event is hosted by Kettering's Office of Cooperative Education and will feature an opportunity for incoming freshmen and other Kettering students to interview for co-op jobs on the West side of the state. More than 80 students are expected to participate from the West Michigan region that includes Lansing to Lake Michigan and Benton Harbor to northern Michigan.

Armen Oumedian '49 is a special host of the event at the Centennial Country Club.

For more information, call 810-762-7915 or email Carmon Liversedge