Student's view of Obama visit

Jun 18, 2008

Kenneth Schabow, a junior from Chicago, put his talented photography eye to work when Sen. Barack Obama visited Kettering University June 16. The Mechanical Engineering student has created a photo gallery of the historic day on campus.

His Engineering co-op is at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, but Kenneth Schabow’s avocation is photography.  And that’s the skill he put to work on Monday, June 16, when Sen. Barack Obama, the leading Democratic candidate for President of the United States, visited Kettering University.

Schabow, who is a junior from Chicago studying Mechanical Engineering, was delighted for the chance.  He brought his growing collection of photography equipment to the Rec Center and captured the historic event from a student’s view.  “Kettering PR got me a press pass to take pictures of Obama as he gave his speech on campus.  I photographed him, Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the Kettering students and faculty members that I could find in the crowd.”

Schabow said he used a Canon 30D, Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 with 2x extender for 95 percent of the shots, a Canon 24-70 f/2.8L for a few shots and the Canon 10-22 for the wide-angle shots.  “Photography is still a hobby for me,” Schabow said.  “I’m currently pursuing Engineering to avoid being a starving artist.  My hope is it won’t be long and the photography will pay for itself.”

See his Obama photo gallery at:

All photos by Kenneth Schabow