Stanford R. Ovshinsky receives honorary degree

Nov 17, 2010

Stanford R. Ovshinsky to receive an Honorary Doctor of Engineering at commencement 12-11-10.


Honorary Doctor of Engineering

Co-founder, Energy Conversion Devices Inc.
Stanford R. OvshinskyStanford R. Ovshinsky is a noted American inventor and researcher, whose long and distinguished career includes significant contributions to the field of Engineering and global recognitions for his scientific discoveries.
He holds more than 400 U.S. patents with wide-ranging applications, including an environmentally friendly nickel-metal hydride battery used today in laptop computers, digital cameras, cell phones and electric and hybrid cars. He is also credited with flexible thin-film solar energy laminates and panels; flat screen liquid crystal displays and other important industry and technology innovations.
Mr. Ovshinsky was born Nov. 24, 1922, in Akron, Ohio.  As a child during the Great Depression, he developed a deep commitment to social values including civil rights and civil liberties. As an adult, Mr. Ovshinsky has dedicated his life to creating an entirely new area of physics and materials science, providing innovation in atomic engineering of amorphous and disordered semiconductors.
In 1960, he and his late wife, Iris, founded the company Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD), to further develop and apply his inventions to the fields of information and energy creating a new field known as “Ovonics,” attracting many scientists and technologists.
The materials and devices developed by Ovshinsky resulted in unique switching devices, phase change memories, optoelectronic copying and flat-panel liquid crystal displays. In the information field, he has focused on using the Ovonic phase change memories and Ovonic threshold switches for three-terminal devices and cognitive computing.
Mr. Ovshinsky’s patents have led to remarkable new approaches to the uses of solar power and hydrogen fueled vehicles. His battery technology enabled innovations in the electric and hybrid vehicle industry. His patents for a system that allows photovoltaic solar panels to be manufactured in long continuous rolls provided a revolutionary leap for solar energy eliminating the need for batch processors.
He has formed a new company named Ovshinsky Solar LLC in order to accelerate his work in energy, leading to basic solutions for pollution, climate change gases, and the need for oil. His objective now is to make possible photovoltaics at a lower cost than burning fossil fuel.  His current results have proven that it can be achieved.
Mr. Ovshinsky has authored more than 300 scientific papers. His international acclaim includes the Diesel Gold Medal for Invention, presented by the Deutscher Erfinerverband (German Inventors Association) and the 2005 Innovation Award for Energy and the Environment by the British publication The Economist.
He is a member of the College of Fellows of the Engineering Society of Detroit and received the 2008 Engineering Society of Detroit Lifetime Achievement Award. He was named “Hero for the Planet” by Time magazine and with Iris named Heroes of Chemistry by the American Chemical Society.
He has numerous honorary degrees, most recently receiving an Honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Michigan (2010). He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
He is married to Dr. Rosa Ovshinsky, a physicist who has made many important contributions to the various fields of energy.
They live in the Detroit area.