Seamless transfers connect Kettering and Miami-Dade Community College

Jun 7, 2002

Signed, seal and delivered. Kettering and Miami-Dade Community College (M-DCC) signed an agreement in Florida to make the transfer of academic credits easy and efficient.

Signed, seal and delivered. Kettering and Miami-Dade Community College (M-DCC) signed an agreement in Florida to make the transfer of academic credits easy and efficient.

M-DCC President Eduardo J. Padron signed an articulation agreement with Kettering President James E.A. John at a ceremony June 6 at M-DCC's Wolfson Campus.

The agreement enables M-DCC students who attain an associate of arts (AA) degree to transfer to Kettering, creating a seamless program of study between the two participating institutions. After completing the academic requirements of both institutions, students will have earned an AA degree from M-DCC and a bachelor's degree in engineering from Kettering.

"This formal articulation agreement with Kettering will establish a well-planned course of study providing a direct pathway to a four-year degree in engineering. It also provides scholarship opportunities for Miami-Dade Community College school students, who will have yet another option to continue their studies in an uninterrupted manner," said Dr. Padron. "This is another example of the high regard in which Miami-Dade Community College students are held by institutions of higher education around the world," he added.

The agreement provides that students at M-DCC who complete an AA degree in pre-engineering with a overall grade point average of at least 3.0 will be able to transfer to Kettering a minimum of 60 credit hours of specified courses. Kettering will also offer two tuition scholarships a year to transferring M-DCC students, who have a minimum overall GPA of 3.5.

Some M-DCC students have already taken advantage of the existing relationship between the two institutions and Kettering's co-op arrangements.

Quincy Brown of Miami Beach is on a transfer academic scholarship that includes full tuition for his first year at Kettering and half tuition for his second year. Brown took advanced placement classes at his high school in Jamaica and after only one year atM-DCC had enough credits to transfer to Kettering as a junior. He will have a professional co-op experience with Florida Power & Light at its Cutler Plant in South Miami-Dade County.

"This is really a top-of-the-line experience for me," Brown said. "I didn't want to be at a school with a hundred students per class.

"Within the first three weeks of starting here, all my professors called me by name," Brown added. "Students who come here will know it's not going to waste their time. The co-op is an opportunity to pay my way through school. And the work experience will make all the difference. I know companies always look for experience. I'm getting that at Kettering."

An M-DCC alumna who is taking advantage of Kettering's co-op program is Elsie Etienne, a mother of two elementary-age students whose professional co-op experience is at Delphi Automotive Systems in Saginaw.

"One of the opportunities with co-op," Etienne said, "is that you can go home to do your work terms. That means the Florida students could spend six months a year working in Florida with their co-ops. I choose to work here in Michigan because I have children in school, but Kettering students have co-op jobs all over the world.

"I'm impressed at how much my grades have improved at Kettering since I started working at Delphi," she said. "You are exposed to the day-to-day operations, so your coursework makes more sense to you. In class, a student only sees certain segments of their studies. At work, you get the whole gamut -- you see how the parts work together. That makes all the difference," Etienne said.

Miami-Dade Community College is nationally recognized as the largest and one of the best community colleges in the country. It is the nation's top producer of associate of arts degrees. M-DCC's six campuses and numerous outreach centers offer more than 150 degrees and vocational credit certificates, along with continuing workforce, adult education, recreation and leisure studies. It is Miami-Dade County's sixth largest employer with an estimated gross economic impact of about $800 million in the local economy every year.

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