Residence Hall Upgrade- Jan 06

Jan 13, 2006

New year = new stuff

Thompson Hall got an interior face lift during the holiday break.

A-Section freshman returning to Thompson Hall after the first work rotation and a long holiday break at the end of 2005 found some much-needed home-away-from-home improvements completed and almost completed.

New carpeting throughout the lobby of Kettering University's residence hall and in the second floor hallways was the almost-completed part of the project. A shortage of the shade of red carpet intended for the halls caused a temporary delay, but it should be finished "by Valentine's Day" according to Trisha Stommel, director of Thompson Hall.

When complete, the second floor will join the first and third floors in completed upgrades that include new carpet and fresh paint. The fourth floor is scheduled to have new carpet and paint by December of 2006, Stommel said.

An ongoing project is replacing all dorm room furniture throughout the 400-plus room facility. Stommel said 50 new loft-able beds replaced older beds during the holiday break and 50 news desks and chairs are expected any day. The room furniture was purchased with funds from the Frances Willson Thompson endowment. "We are half way through an eight-year project to re-furnish all the rooms," said Stommel.

Returning freshmen also found a new giant wide-screen television in the lobby, replacing a smaller (although very large) TV that is now housed in the Women's Resource Center on campus. The television was installed during B-Section (October-December).

The residence hall's biggest upgrade in recent years was the addition of air conditioning in 2001. The cosmetic changes inside "just make it more homey and livable," said Stommel.


Written by Dawn Hibbard