Researchers honored

Sep 16, 2004

Kettering names Outstanding New Researcher and Outstanding Applied Researcher winners for 2004.

Three Kettering faculty members won the 2004 Outstanding New Researcher and Outstanding Applied Research awards. Winners will receive a check for $1,000 and a plaque inscribed with their name at a dinner hosted by Kettering President Dr. James E.A. John at his home on Oct. 12.

Dr. Ezekiel Gebissa, associate professor of Liberal Studies, and Dr. Peter Stanchev, associate professor of Science and Mathematics, each won a 2004 Outstanding New Researcher Award, given to faculty who have been at the University less than five years and have established a significant level of high quality research. Gebissa won his award for his outstanding contributions in the areas of African history, Atlantic history and social and economic history.

Stanchev received his award in recognition of his contributions in the area of Computer Science, specifically for his work with multimedia databases. "I am honored to receive this award," he said. "And I thank all my colleagues from the Science and Mathematics Dept., and especially from the Computer Science group, for the chance to exchange a number of scientific ideas. During the last three years, I wrote 27 papers, 12 of them with faculty members John Geske, Boyan Dimitrov, David Green, Rajeev Agrawel and Vladimir Rykov from our department. Also, I wish to thank the Kettering community for the friendly environment and nice conditions in which to teach and conduct such fruitful research."

In addition, Dr. Homayun Navaz, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, won the 2004 Outstanding Applied Researcher Award, given to faculty who have been at Kettering for more than five years and have had a record of significant and sustained funded applied research. Navaz won the award based on his contributions in computational fluid dynamics, combustion, propulsion and energy efficiency.

"First, I appreciate the award and I am sure such awards will give all active faculty members at Kettering a warm feeling that their attempt to enhance their teaching by staying at the forefront of technology is recognized and acknowledged," Navaz said. "I think Kettering is on the right track by promoting applied research and the students have and will benefit from the progressive approach we have taken. Although as an organization we are still learning about what is really involved in doing research, we have taken steps forward in recent years."

Kettering's Office of Sponsored Research sponsors the the Outstanding New Researcher and Outstanding Applied Researchers Awards. To learn more about these awards, contact the Office of Sponsored Research at (800) 955-4464, ext. 7996, or e-mail

Written by Gary J. Erwin
(810) 762-9538