Push arrow up for brave, new world

Sep 9, 2004

The Cordys collaboration platform has Kettering faculty dreaming of real-time advances for business. Two IMEB faculty members will address an international audience Sept. 16 in the Netherlands.

It's simple. Need to increase the production output at your manufacturing plant? Just push the up arrow on your cell phone.

Through the magic of Internet, you have notified both your production line and the 50 suppliers needed to meet your deadline.

Sound like a brave, new manufacturing world? Not if you're Michael Sanders of Kettering University.

"Companies can transition to real time business processes right now, today," said Sanders, an assistant professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Business (IMEB). "It's a dynamic notification program, offering a quicker response."

Sanders will share the secrets of how to pull out a cell phone and coordinate a production boost during an international conference Sept. 14-17 in the Netherlands. The international seminar is called Cordys Cordial 2004. It is the follow up to USP 2003, an international technology conference hosted by Kettering University a year ago. Sanders will be on stage with fellow IMEB faculty member Sanju Patro when the two Kettering faculty members address an international audience from Putten, Netherlands, on Thursday, Sept. 16. Both presentations can be viewed on Web Ex. Patro will offer a 30-minute speech on "Advanced Technology and Industry Collaboration: Classroom Effectiveness." Sanders will also lecture for 30 minutes on "Transitioning to Real Time Business Processes."

Kettering will offer a Web Ex site to view the speeches from 9-10 a.m. Sept. 16 in Kettering's Campus Center. The Web Ex site will be set up in the Heritage North Room, which is on the fourth floor of Kettering's Campus Center.

Five Kettering representatives are attending the conference -- along with Patro and Sanders are IMEB faculty members Ken Morrison and Charles W. White and IT Vice President Jim Hamilton. Morrison has been collaboratingon research by Sanders and White has been assisting Patro.

The public is also invited to view portions of Cordial 2004. The Web Ex site will be set up in Heritage North, Campus Center, Wednesday, Sept. 15, and Thursday, Sept. 16, from 8-10 a.m. and 10:30-noon to observe the speeches and breakout sessions from the international conference.

Cordys, which partnered with Kettering in hosting USP 2003 last year, is an international company based in the Netherlands. It offers the Cordys business collaboration platform, which is now active in 26 countries and highly ranked in the world. Kettering has the only authorized Cordys optimization lab in the U.S.

For more on Cordys or the conference, go to www.Cordys.com and click on Cordial 2004.

Written by Patricia Mroczek
(810) 762-9533