Prima presentation

Jul 28, 2006

Charlotte Hubbard '83 returned to campus to help students laugh and learn about leadership and ethics.

Charlotte Hubbard is just slightly surprised at some of the changes (or lack of) at her alma mater. "You know, this stage was here when I was a student - I think this carpeting, too," she said.

The 1983 Kettering/GMI graduate was funny and informative as she served as the inaugural speaker in Kettering's new speaker series: The Thompson Lectures on Leadership and Ethics. She spoke July 28 to about 175 students, faculty, staff and visitors in McKinnon Theater on some of the ethical and moral issues in business today. Ben Redekop, associate professor of Social Science and holder of the Thompson Chair of Leadership Studies, served as the emcee for the event.

Hubbard is president of Prima Communications, Inc., a technical communications company based in the Kalamazoo area that helps clients with a variety of technical services including validation, reference manuals, training, process mapping, technical marketing, business writing, website creation, editing and more. The company is consistently named one of Western Michigan's 101 Best and Brightest Companies To Work For. The firm has 80 employees.

Hubbard shared tales of her time as a student (admitting she was the ring leader who toilet papered faculty offices in the early 1980s) to some of the ethical and moral dilemmas she has faced as a CEO.

"When I teach my Orientation class to all of our new employees, I tell them the priorities are: You, Prima and The Client in that order," she said. Hubbard explained that since the company's slogan is "Whatever It Takes," having employees who are focused and happy is the key ingredient to meeting the demands in the competitive marketplace.

And a worker-friendly atmosphere is just good business, she added.

Written by Pat Mroczek
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