Outstanding Researchers named

Sep 25, 2003

Three Kettering faculty have been recognized for their academic research.

Three Kettering faculty have been recognized for their academic research. Dr. Bassem Ramadan, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been named Outstanding New Researcher; Dr. Ilya Kudish, professor of Mathematics, has been named Outstanding Applied Researcher; and Dr. Srinivas Chakravarthy, professor of Industrial Engineering, has been named Distinguished Researcher for 2003.

"It's nice to have one's research recognized and appreciated," said Ramadan. He was recognized for his outstanding contributions to computational fluid dynamics and combustion in engines. His research focused on using computational methods to model complicated real engine geometries with a view to improving engine performance and reducing emissions for two and four stroke engines.

"I appreciate being recognized by me peers," said Kudish, of his Outstanding Applied Researcher award. His research involved Tribology, fatigue modeling and lubricant degradation, important to the understanding of how lubricants work, predicting the life of lubricants and improving lubricant quality to lessen their negative environmental impact.

"Sometimes a pat on the back means more than a monetary reward," said Chakravarthy of his Distinguished Researcher award. He was recognized for outstanding contributions to applied stochastic models, a scientific approach to forecasting market need and demand.

Chakravarthy and Kudish have the distinction of being the first and second, respectively, faculty members at Kettering to receive National Science Foundation grants for pure research (not involving the purchase of laboratory equipment or software).

Written by Dawn Hibbard
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