November gifts total $375,000

Nov 21, 2007

Kettering's University Advancement staff members are reporting a good very November!!!

LITE Participant

Gift contributions totaling $375,000 for Kettering University have arrived in November.   Vice President Dennis Washington said the presentation of the first Prima Prize for Best Research Paper in Leadership and Ethics (from Charlotte Hubbard ’83) and the recent dedication of the Distance Education Classroom (a collaboration with several local organizations) should also be added to the growing list of contributions to Kettering.  “We are proud of these tangible results of giving to the University,” he added.  November gifts of $375,000 include:

$120,000 as General Motors Foundation’s annual contribution, which is broken down according to the following:

$26,500 for Crash Safety Center Adopt a Dummy Program,
$38,500 for Engineers Without Borders,
$15,000 for Women and Minorities Scholarships,
$12,000 for AIM Program,
$12,000 for LITE Program,
$9,000 for GM/Kettering Ability Scholarship,
$7,000 for Scholarships for Hispanic Students,AIM Participant
$54,000 in-kind donation of equipment from Debron Industrial Electronics in Troy for the ECE department,
$53,000 from individual alumni and friends from this autumn’s Class Agent and Friends of Kettering direct mail campaign,
$50,000 for a new endowment to support LITE from Jane Boon ’90, an engineering consultant in New York City,
$30,000 from the Kettering Family Foundation for Kettering Scholarships,
$26,000 from UPS ($16,000 for AIM and $10,000 for UPS Scholarships),
$15,000 from the Hougen Foundation for the Hougen Design Studio,
$10,000 in memory of Walter Berger ’50 of Arizona (a new scholarship)
$10,000 pledge for Student Leaders Endowment from Samuel Cooper '07, an engineer at Bosch and
$7,000 estate gift in memory of Louis Story ’55 of Flint.