The Muse makes a new debut

Mar 17, 2006

The creative arts flourish at Kettering - and the proof is in The Muse.

The staff and editors of Kettering University's student literary arts magazine The Muse will celebrate the newest edition at a reception Tuesday, March 21, from 4-5 p.m. in the Humanities Art Center near the Liberal Studies Dept.

This edition features excellent work of student artists and writers currently attending Kettering University, said Dr. Corine Coniglio, assistant professor of Liberal Studies and adviser for the magazine.

"The students worked very hard with this issue, which I think readers will see once they open the cover," she said, adding that the editorial staff comprised of students Justin Allen, Lidia Forgaciu, Jacob Gee, Steven Schwartz and Collin Milliken helped insure a smooth transition of the magazine from a black-and-white format to four-color.

Thus far, Coniglio said that many of the student artists and writers published in this issue will attend the reception. The issue includes work from both A and B-section students and there are plans to hold another reception for B-section returning students next term.

This issue, which Kettering will distribute initially at the reception, is the fifth edition and the first printed off campus in full color. Including cover art, it is 52 pages long and quite diverse, according to Coniglio. An invitation for this reception went to faculty, staff and students and Coniglio said more responses continue to come in for the reception.

This effort is part of a growing initiative by the Department of Liberal Studies to show how students put into practice what they learn about literature and visual art from courses such as Humanities 201: Introduction to the Humanities and 300 level elective courses in literature. Coniglio also said that she and Dr. Laura Miller-Purrenhage, assistant professor of Liberal Studies, teach a course project that provides students the option to create and analyze their own work of art. In addition to painting, sketch, photography, sculpting, poetry and drama, students have produced original films and performance pieces.

To learn more about this event, contact Dr. Corine Coniglio at ext. 9662.

Written by Gary Erwin
(810) 762-9538