To the Kettering Community: 

I know many in our community are distressed over recent events across the country precipitated by the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN and the way it has again brought to light the everyday realities of individuals who face intolerance, bigotry, discrimination, and marginalization.

Kettering University stands in solidarity with those who are committed to connect and communicate with each other to institute meaningful, lasting, real, and needed change for the better. Ultimately, our actions as a community speak louder and are more meaningful than simply issuing public comments.  It’s about our community – our students, employees, alumni, partners, friends, family, and Flint, the city we have called home for 100 years. 

 While demonstrations and protests around the nation and our state have unveiled pain and frustration over the reprehensible death of George Floyd, we are inspired by the actions of those in our community like Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson who when asked by demonstrators this past weekend to “walk with us,” he did. 

We, too, will continue to lead by example within our Kettering family, by letting our conduct as an institution speak for the values we hold: Respect, Integrity, Creativity, Collaboration, and Excellence.

 With respect, we embrace humanity and dignity for all no matter race, gender, religion, culture, or lifestyle. Our personal and professional integrity demands accountability, transparency, and ethical standards at all levels. Creativity allows us to be flexible and innovative in finding answers and solutions to even the toughest issues. We encourage and celebrate collaboration across all disciplines, partners, and people. And as we strive for excellence in all that we do, we will continue to educate ourselves and each other. Our commitment to our values, equity, and inclusion are not recent or new to us, but integral to who we are, in fact they were underscored by the "Many Voices, One Kettering" conversations we began on campus several years ago that continue now and that will continue into the future.

Kettering and Flint have a long history of working together. And we are proud of that partnership. We are proud of Flint.  We actively participate in and support efforts by the city and others to address inequities in our community.  We know these are not easy times to comprehend, and the right answers and actions aren’t always the easiest. But we will move forward - together.

 The President’s Council on Values, Equity and Inclusion was formed several years ago specifically to engage in this discussion in our community. Its work continues today. I encourage you to engage with the Council, and to participate in their work, because they are a critical voice in the University and are important to creating the future Kettering. 

We as a community work to live our values in all that we do, both inside the University as well as in the many ways in which we engage our community. Living our values, individually and collectively, is the best and most powerful way that we can demonstrate our commitment to equality and inclusion.  Going forward, I hope you will actively engage the Council and Dr. McCune in the Office of Student Affairs at to help us move forward through these difficult times and to a brighter future for all members of the community. 

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Robert K. McMahan
President •  Kettering University