Mathletes wanted

Nov 12, 2009

Registration is open for the Kettering University Mathematics Olympiad Nov. 21. Prizes include a full-tuition scholarship and $1,000 gift card.

One of Michigan’s best math students will win a full-tuition, four-and-a-half-year scholarship to the nationally ranked engineering, mathematics, science and business university in Flint during the Kettering University Mathematics Olympiad Saturday, Nov. 21. Other prizes, including a $1,000 gift certificate from Best Buy, will also be awarded during the event at Kettering.

Dr. Joe Salacuse, professor of Mathematics, said Kettering’s Mathematics Olympiad is a competition designed to identify and encourage students with interests and abilities in mathematics. “This will be the ninth Olympiad at Kettering,” he said.

“Our goal is to develop the Olympiad into one of the most prestigious mathematical competitions in the region. The examination is designed for students in grades 9 through 12. However, any student working toward a high school degree who is currently enrolled in a public school, private school or a home-school program can sit for the examination.”

The competition consists of four to six challenging problems that are selected by Dr. Ada Cheng, Dr. Daniela Szatmari-Voicu, Dr. Ruben Hayrapetyan and Dr. Salacuse, and has a time limit of four hours.

The problems range from "mind-benders" that require little mathematical skills to problems that require the knowledge of geometry, trigonometry and beginning calculus. No calculators are permitted for this competition.

The top seven contestants of the Olympiad will win gift certificates from Best Buy. In addition, the top two will win academic scholarships to Kettering University. The scholarships will be awarded to the first and second place competitors upon admission to Kettering University. Scholarships recipients are not eligible for any other scholarships awarded by Kettering University

For details, including a schedule of events and past examinations with solutions, visit the Olympiad website at

Written by Patricia Mroczek