Math Olympiad adds large prizes

Apr 20, 2001

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There's a new bottom line for high school math students in grades 9-12thousands of dollars in prizes will total sweet victory during the Kettering University Mathematics Olympiad, Saturday, April 28.

Members of the Mathematics Faculty at Kettering are coordinating the all-day contest that is expected to bring some of the area's best math students to campus.

"The Mathematics Olympiad is a great way of fostering interest in mathematics," said Dr. Ruben Hayrapetyan, associate professor of Mathematics. "The competition will expose some of the best high school students in Flint and the surrounding area to both Kettering University and our program in Applied Mathematics."

The schedule of events is:
9 a.m. - 1 p.m., Mathematics Olympiad
2 - 4 p.m., tour of Kettering University
5 - 6 p.m., solution session and awards presentations

The prize list includes: First prize: $1,000 gift certificate to Best Buy
Second prize: $700 gift certificate to Best Buy
Third prize: $300 gift certificate to Best Buy
Four fourth prizes: T.I. scientific calculators

The math contest consists of four to six problems with a time limit of four hours. Calculators will be allowed in the examination. The competition will take place in the International Room, which is on the fifth floor of the Campus Center, at Kettering University.

For more details, visit Kettering's Applied Mathematics Web Site at:

Students can register for the competition on-line. Registrations will be accepted the day of the contest. There is no registration fee.

More information is also available by calling Dr. Ruben Hayrapetyan at (810) 762-7877 or Dr. Joe Salacuse at (810) 762-7924.