Feb 11, 2011

Kettering hosted the Michigan Academy for Green Mobility Alliance and is committed to helping retrain workers for the emerging green mobility economy.

Many views sharing a common, critical need.  That’s at the heart of why MAGMA – the Michigan Academy for Green Mobility Alliance – has united some of the state’s most important companies and universities to help displaced workers join the emerging green mobility economy.

Kettering University hosted MAGMA’s quarterly meeting Feb. 11 in Flint, organized by Dr. Jim McDonald, department head of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).  Co-hosts were Dr. Jim Gover (ECE) and Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed of Mechanical Engineering, both of Kettering.  About 20 professionals attended the event.

Sean Newell is chair of the MAGMA Governance Board.  “MAGMA is a diverse mix of companies and universities, led by the state.  We come together at the same time and with one voice.  It’s a more efficient use of time and scarce resources for companies and universities alike,” said Newell, who is also the dean of the College of Engineering at Ford Learning & Development, Ford Motor Company.  “Michigan has a really critical role to play as we move forward.”

McDonald said the meeting gave Kettering a chance to showcase its curricula and research in green mobility.

Among those attending was Matt Shields, a workforce development specialist from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG) and the Bureau of Workforce Transformation.

More about MAGMA -- An Alliance to Skill Workers for Green Mobility Jobs

In response to the rapid growth in the renewable energy sector, the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth collaborated with automotive manufacturing employers and educational institutions to establish the Michigan Academy for Green Mobility Alliance (MAGMA) in conjunction with the Governor's No Worker Left Behind Green Jobs Initiative.

Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers project a need for over 1,000 additional engineers and technicians over the next five years that are trained to work in hybrid vehicle design and manufacturing.

The purpose of MAGMA is to ensure the automotive industry has the trained workers they need to grow and prosper in the emerging green economy. The skill development and training provided through the Academy is in direct response to specific knowledge and skill demands of employers in the automotive manufacturing industry.

In response to industry's requirements, education and training institutions support MAGMA by developing learning opportunities that are targeted, innovative, flexible, and have a strong focus on hands-on practical experience.

Academy Mission:
Provide rapid skill growth in green technology solutions for advanced mobility to meet industry needs.

Academy Objectives:

  • Prepare individuals for emerging technologies in vehicle propulsion and vehicle component design, manufacturing, and maintenance through rapid/accelerated training and re-training.
  • Target the training to displaced and incumbent engineers, engineering students, displaced and incumbent technicians, and technician program students.
  • When possible, seek and provide funding to help employers or individuals access the training.

Read more at: MAGMA.

Written by Patricia Mroczek and MAGMA sources