On the list: Kaplan cites "Best Career Services"

Aug 2, 2002

Kettering University has been named one of the 320 most interesting colleges in the U.S.

Kettering University has been named one of the 320 most interesting colleges in the U.S.

So says "The Unofficial, Unbiased, Insider's Guide to the 320 Most Interesting Colleges," which lists Kettering among the top 35 colleges and universities nationwide offering "Best Career Services."

"College admissions departments are reporting that they are looking for students who are a 'good match' for their school," said Guide authors Trent Anderson and Seppy Basili. "After reviewing the information in our book, students can quickly learn which schools they should be considering and which schools they should avoid.

Bob Nichols, Kettering's vice president for Enrollment Management, said Kettering's newest national ranking is ongoing evidence of the University's market niche and the unique and quality opportunities available. "That's why we always encourage people to visit the campus and see Kettering for themselves. A third-party endorsement like this reinforces Kettering's educational value. The book's observations are objective and provide a powerful point of view," Nichols added.

The authors, two of the country's top admissions experts, based their book on the latest results of Kaplan's Annual National High School Guidance Counselor Survey. Kaplan, a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company, is a provider of educational and career services.

Kettering was profiled in the "Best Career Services" category because of its cooperative education plan. Anderson and Basili wrote, "The practicality of a Kettering University education is evident from the moment you are accepted. Offering a range of scientific and engineering programs with a superb reputation in the industrial world, Kettering combines rigorous academic study with career-oriented experience to produce graduates who are well ahead of their competitors in the job market."

They also cite Kettering's practice of starting the co-op experience at the freshman level as "unique," adding, "Perhaps the greatest strength of Kettering is its cooperative education plan."

Also included in the profile are comments from current students. On the overall experience of Kettering one student said, "This place raises the bar, and its heritage says it all." One senior, referring to the regularity with which Kettering graduates become CEOs or chairs of the companies they work for justifies the academic challenges as "the cost to be the boss."

Not just focused on academics, the Guide looked at campus environment and student life as factors to consider when deciding if a college or university is a "good fit." Kettering's student housing, laboratory facilities and new recreational facilities all received praise. It was noted that "as with many technical schools, the male-female ratio is significantly off-kilter" at Kettering. According to one student, however, "There are no problems meeting friendly students from surrounding colleges and universities."

The Guide highlights Greek life at Kettering, likening the small student body to one big fraternal organization. "Many students join a Greek organization in addition to the clubs and activities, so they can create an early network," said one student quoted in the profile.

Attention also focused on the university's recreational facilities and intramural sports. Anderson and Basili wrote, "A wide range of sports, fitness and recreational activities is available for students who take advantage of Kettering's athletic fields, tennis courts and recreation center. The center contains an Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball and racquetball courts, aerobic fitness rooms and Nautilus equipment."

In their final analysis Anderson said, "Kettering's reputation as a proving ground for tomorrow's industrial leaders is well deserved."

"The Unofficial, Unbiased, Insider's Guide to the 320 Most Interesting Colleges" is available in bookstores. More information about Kaplan can be found on their web site at www.kaplan.com.

Written by: Dawn Hibbard
(810) 762-9865