Kettering University gives students opportunities to travel the world

An experience like this is something you won’t easily find again. Being at Kettering definitely opened doors to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Kettering University didn’t just open doors professionally for Sam Daleo ‘17. The opportunities he received as a student allowed him to see the world from a different perspective.

Daleo, a Computer Engineering major at Kettering, studied abroad in Germany for three months before coming back to campus for his last term.

“I knew about the study abroad program since I started at Kettering. I have been planning my entire curriculum around those three months,” he said. “It was an opportunity I didn't want to give up. I have been speaking German since I was 14. I’ve always enjoyed their culture. It’s an eye opening experience to see a completely different culture and viewpoints from people around the world.”

Daleo studied at Hochschule Ulm in southern Germany. He immersed himself in the culture as much as possible.

“I had to change how I lived entirely to fit in with the culture,” he said. “I was on a train. I was on a plane. I was always going somewhere. Every weekend I had was planned out. I was going and exploring Europe and many other places.”

When not studying and exploring Germany, Daleo also traveled to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Spain. He was able to travel to Sicily and visit the small city of Terrasini, where his father’s side of the family is from.

He also traveled and backpacked around Iceland by himself for eight days covering 800 miles round trip.  

“As a photographer I was just always in awe of the nature and views that I experienced. It was great to meet people from all over the place,” Daleo said. “The entire study abroad experience was fascinating and eye opening. It continues to remind you that you are you and somebody else is somebody else. And that’s OK. You have to learn to coincide. People across the world have vast differences and religious beliefs, but they can all still work together.”   Photo by Sam Daleo

Studying abroad while in school is something Daleo would recommend to anyone. Any worries or concerns students have will all go away once they start the experience, he said.

“An experience like this is something you won’t easily find again. Being at Kettering definitely opened doors to a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Daleo said. “My advice to students is to really step outside of your box and try as many new things as possible. Try new foods and have conversations with people you might not have otherwise. There’s a whole world out there. Every day you are reminded that you are only within your bubble. We all have differences but there is so much we have in common without realizing it.”

Apply for Fall 2018 Study Abroad Programs beginning Monday, August 7. The Office of International Programs (OIP) will be accepting applications to the Fall 2018 Study Abroad programs through March. Interested students should visit OIP in 3-340 AB or email to request approval forms to begin the application process. Studying abroad is a great way to earn credit towards your degree while broadening your worldview and understanding of different cultures. Study Abroad also serves to boost your resume by providing you a chance to develop a more global perspective and develop skills such as problem solving, time management, and independence. Visit OIP to speak with a Study Abroad Adviser today!