A Kettering University degree = jobs!

Aug 25, 2003

The distinction of a Kettering University education - and the ability for Kettering graduates to land top-rated jobs - just received several national recognitions.

The distinction of a Kettering University education - and the ability for Kettering graduates to land top-rated jobs - just received several national recognitions.

  • Kaplan's the "328 Most Interesting Colleges" named Kettering tops in preparing graduates for employment (Page 14), Prepped For Success: Job Offers. www.kaptest.com
  • The Princeton Review's first edition of "The Best Midwestern Colleges" stated on Pages 150-151: "the professional and career experience you gain at Kettering University is unparalleled.http://princetonreview.com/college
  • And U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges Guide" ranked three of Kettering's programs in the Top Ten in the country for "Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs." http://www.usnews.com

"We are very pleased with the rankings in three major publications," said University President James E.A. John. "It speaks highly of the Kettering system of cooperative education.

"The ranking 'Prepped For Success: Job Offers' reflects very well in our ability to prepare students for their careers," he added. "We are proud of the commitment of our faculty for academic excellence they provide for our students and we are indebted to our cooperative sponsors for providing the type of real-world experiences which give our students an edge in the workforce."

Kaplan's Annual National Guidance Counselor Survey: Kettering is #1 for "Prepped For Success: Job Offers" in the "2004 Unofficial, Unbiased Guide to the 328 Most Interesting Colleges," a book by Trent Anderson and Seppy Basili (Kaplan Publishing/Simon & Schuster). Kettering earned the country's highest ranking in the book for converting hands-on co-op education into employment. The Unofficial and Unbiased Guide stated:

  • "Getting the job done. At Kettering University (MI) and Michigan Technological University (MI), graduates are in an enviable position -- the vast majority already have a job by the time they graduate." Author Trent Anderson placed Kettering University at the top of his list (on Page 14) for "the high percentage of students at these schools had already accepted a job offer at the time they graduated."
  • Kettering had a 90 percent average of graduates having already accepted a job offer. Michigan Tech University was at 88 percent. Guilford College at 87 percent. Author Trent Anderson also said on Page 303 ... "Kettering's reputation as a proving ground for tomorrow's industrial leaders is well deserved " Perhaps," the author added, "the greatest strength of Kettering is its cooperative education plan."

Princeton Review: Kettering is included in the first edition of "The Best Midwestern Colleges," created by The Princeton Review and printed by Random House. The regional guide presents an inclusive cross-section of "academically outstanding colleges." ("The Best Midwestern Colleges: 150 Great Schools to Consider," 421 pages/ISBN 0-375-76335-X, includes colleges in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.)

"Each college had to meet two criteria," said Robert Franek, Princeton Review's lead author of the guides. The author has appeared on NBC Today, CBS Early Show, CNN, NPR and other major media and is a lecturer and panelist on college topics for audiences of educators, parents and students.

"First it had to meet our criteria for academic excellence within its region. Second, we had to be able to survey its students anonymously, either through our online survey or our paper survey, which we distribute and collect on campuses."

The Princeton Review survey asks students 70 questions about their own school's academics, campus life, student body and themselves. Input from the students attending the colleges uniquely informs all Princeton Review "Best Colleges" guide. Narrative profiles include extensive and candid feedback about what surveyed students think of the schools.

What it says:

  • "Academics: Students feel that 'the professional and career experience you gain at Kettering University is unparalleled,' thanks largely to a mandatory cooperative education program that requires students to work three out of every six months (the other three months are spent in class).
  • "You can make up to $60,000 or more before graduation."
  • "Academics are very hard...however, if you graduate you will never need to worry about finding a job, and employers will pay more, mostly because of the difficult curriculum and the co-op."
  • "The engineering program is great; the business program is quite a bit more intense than most other undergraduate business programs."
  • "Survey says...classes are small; school is well run; no one cheats."

U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges Guide": The 2004 edition of "America's Best Colleges Guide," which is published by U.S. News & World Report, is full of good news for Kettering. The magazine edition hits newsstands Monday, Aug. 25. The guide will be in bookstores soon.

Here are the 2004 rankings for Kettering:

  • Three programs in the Top Ten in the country.
  • Overall rank in the Top Twenty in the country.

Kettering is listed in the Best Undergraduate Engineering Program at schools whose highest degree is a bachelor's or master's degree.

#1 for Year #4

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering retained its #1 ranking. Kettering shares the honors with Bradley University (IL) and Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (CA).

1.Bradley University (IL)
Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
Kettering University (MI)

4.Milwaukee School of Engineering

5.Calif. State Poly. Univ.-Pomona
San Jose State University (CA)
University of Michigan-Dearborn
Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville *

"This is very reaffirming of Kettering's excellence in teaching," said Pete Gheresus, professor and director of Kettering's Industrial Engineering Program. "Our hands-on experience starts at the freshman level and is supported by generous donations by our industrial partners for laboratory resources," he said. "From freshman to senior, it is unparalleled by any other undergraduate program.

"Combine our hands-on approach with cooperative education and you have an experienced, competent and qualified engineer," he added. "Theory, practice and real world experience helps bundle the package all in one. The product you produce in the end is what counts - alumni!"

Joining the Top Ten -- #9 for Electrical Engineering
Kettering's Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. cracked the Top Ten for the first time and is ranked at #9. It shares the #9 spot with Valparaiso University in Indiana.

  1. Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech. (IN)
  2. Harvey Mudd College (CA)
  3. Cooper Union (NY)
  4. Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
  5. United States Naval Academy (MD)
  6. United States Air Force Acad. (CO)
  7. Milwaukee School of Engineering
  8. Bucknell University (PA)
  9. Kettering University (MI)
    Valparaiso University (IN)

"I'm very pleased with the ranking," said Mark Wicks, interim head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. "We are the only school that markets itself as a co-op school exclusively and I believe we have a reputation for providing a hands-on experience for our students."

Staying the Top Ten -- #10 for Mechanical Engineering
Kettering's Mechanical Engineering Department, the largest academic unit on campus, has maintained its Top Ten ranking for at least three years. "It's very reassuring to be included within the top 10 schools in the nation," said K. Joel Berry, P.E., professor of Mechanical Engineering, department head, and holder of the Eugene W. Kettering Chair of Power Engineering. "This is a credit to our faculty who deserve the recognition for their hard work and commitment to advancing engineering education through enhanced curricula and hands-on laboratory development."

  1. Rose-Hulman Inst. Of Tech. (IN)
  2. Harvey Mudd College (CA)
  3. Cooper Union (NY)
  4. Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo *
  5. Bucknell University (PA)
  6. United States Military Academy (NY)*
  7. Milwaukee School of Engineering
  8. United States Air Force Acad. (CO)*
  9. United States Naval Academy (MD)*
  10. Kettering University (MI)

Overall -- Kettering is ranked #14
Kettering shares the #14 spot with Bradley University (IL), Lafayette College (PA), San Jose State University (CA) and Union College (NY). Kettering missed staying in the Top Ten ranks from last year (#10 in 2003) by .1 of a point.

1Rose-Hulman Inst. Of Tech. (IN)4.4
2Harvey Mudd College (CA) 4.2
3Cooper Union (NY)4
4United States Military Academy (NY)*3.7
 United States Naval Academy (MD)*3.7
6Cal PolySan Luis Obispo *3.6
 United States Air Force Acad. (CO)*3.6
8Bucknell University (PA)3.5
9Calif. State Poly. Univ.Pomona *3.3
 Embry Riddle Aeronautical U. (FL)3.3
 Milwaukee School of Engineering 3.3
 Swarthmore College (PA)3.3
 Villanova University (PA)3.3
14Bradley University (IL)3.2
 Kettering University (MI)3.2
 Lafayette College (PA)3.2
 San Jose State University (CA)*3.2
 Union College (NY)3.2
19Baylor University (TX)3.1
 United States Coast Guard Acad. (CT)*3.1
 Webb Institute (NY) 

Methodology: Best undergraduate engineering programs
The U.S. News rankings of undergraduate programs accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology are based solely on the judgments of deans and senior faculty who rated each program they are familiar with on a scale from one (marginal) to five (distinguished). Staff members have separate rankings for schools that offer doctoral degrees in engineering and schools whose terminal degree in engineering is a bachelor's or master's. Research at the graduate level often influences the undergraduate curriculum, and schools that have doctoral programs in engineering tend to offer the widest possible range of offerings. Students who prefer a program focused on undergraduates can consult the list of top programs at schools whose terminal degree is the bachelor's or master's.

Fifty-four percent of those surveyed returned ratings of the group whose terminal degree in engineering is a bachelor's or master's; 58 percent did so for the doctorate group. U.S. News staff members also asked for nominations of the best programs in specialty areas.

Written by Patricia Mroczek
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