Kettering Relay for Life

Jun 5, 2006

Stormy weather couldn't keep intrepid cancer fundraisers off their feet at Kettering's Relay For Life event.

The Relay for Life event at Kettering June 2 and 3 had all the elements of a blockbuster hit - racing, personal survival stories, camaraderie, good food, bad weather, loud music, runaway tents and money raised for a good cause.

With activities planned almost every 30 minutes, the event got started at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 2. Planning to be up and at it all night, more than 150 participants came armed with tents, grills, food supplies and their walking shoes (or in some cases, their roller blades or strollers).



WKUF 94.3 FM was on hand to provide a musical backdrop for walker, runners, bladers and strollers. The Greek community was out in force as were other student groups, all keeping track of their cumulative laps on a giant chalk tally board inside the lap ring.

A storm of epic proportions ripped through the event at around 8 p.m. and was gone in time to "bless us with a rainbow," said Robert Marias, director of Greek Life and Community Service. Then the luminaries were brought out to light up the night. Sunrise found everyone in pajamas and still walking.



So far, more than $16,000 has been raised for the American Cancer Society by the Kettering Community, according to Marias. Donations will be accepted at the Kettering Relay for Life web site through Aug. 1.

Events to keep folks awake and moving included: A pie eating contest, involving pie tins filled with whipped cream with a piece of candy placed at the bottom. Each person was blindfolded had to find the Starburst with their teeth.

Relay's Field Day - Team of six or more people bobbed for apples, ran a three-legged race, walked with an egg balanced on a spoon with the final lap being a leap frog race down the track.

Engineering Challenge #1 - Teams had to build a Mouse Trap Car using mouse traps, string and tape. Teams had to bring their own wheels and axles.

Fear Factor, Relay Style - Teams of one-to-three people participated in three different challenges. Eeew, ick and yuck!

Engineering Challenge #2 - Teams had to build the strongest bridge using approximately 100 Popsicle sticks and glue. Textbooks were used as weight for each bridge.

Written by Dawn Hibbard