Kettering Mobile

Jun 3, 2010

Kettering is the first university in Michigan to introduce a mobile website for 'smart phones' and it is based on technology created by two of Kettering's leading entrepreneurial students, Brad Birdsall and Matt Gaidica.

Kettering University rolled out a new mobile website called Kettering Mobile for use on “smart phones” -- like an iPhone, Droid or Blackberry, plus the new iPad -- during ceremonies in Flint on June 3.

Kettering is the first university in Michigan to introduce this type of mobile website, which can be viewed at:

Kettering Mobile was created by Northville students Brad Birdsall (senior in Computer Science) and Matt Gaidica (senior in Electrical Engineering), assisted and supported by IT staff members Aaron Grant, Jim McMillan and Tomas Hajek, and marketing staff members Julie Ulseth and Kim Bone.

Birdsall and Gaidica are among Kettering’s leading student entrepreneurs and have been active in Kettering’s strong Entrepreneurship program on campus.  The students have already created their own company called Prime Studios,, with offices in Northville,Mich.

Birdsall said no other university in Michigan has a mobile website like this.  It allows easy access to Kettering’s website through the use of smart phones.  One of the highlights is its ability to tap into the many advanced publication features developed by Kettering University. 

With Kettering Mobile, users are now able to view the campus events calendar, read the latest news stories, and receive real-time university alert messages from a mobile device.  

Kettering Mobile also links directly to other social networking outlets such as YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook.  Additionally, these services will allow access to Kettering’s current videos and photos from anywhere there is a signal, he explained.

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Contact: Patricia Mroczek