Kettering hosts annual Mathematics Olympiad in Michigan and Ohio

Nov 20, 2013

High school students will have an opportunity to earn a full tuition scholarship to Kettering University.

Kettering University is offering high school students in Michigan and Ohio a chance to win a full scholarship at the annual Mathematics Olympiad Competition on Saturday, December 7. Kettering University will host one of the competitions in Flint, Mich. while Kettering Fairmont High School in Kettering, Ohio will host the other.

The competition will measure a student’s computational ability on six mathematics equations. The top three finalists will receive a 4½ year full tuition scholarship to Kettering University. The fourth to seventh place finishers will receive a 4½ half tuition scholarship to Kettering. All seven finalists will also receive up to $1,000 in gift cards from Best Buy.

“By preparing for the competition the serious student will significantly increase their knowledge in mathematics, and we hope enhance their awareness of the complexity, beauty, and usefulness of mathematics,” said Dr. Joe Salacuse, professor of mathematics at Kettering University. “The outcome of the competition will give the individual student a sense of how they compare in ability to their peers.”

The material in the Olympiad will include geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and elements of pre-calculus.  Any student working towards a high school degree who is currently enrolled in a public school, private school or a home-school program can sit for the examination.

 “We hope our Olympiad encourages students to enroll in some of the more challenging high school mathematics courses, join and or form mathematics clubs at their high schools, and in some cases, enroll in summer programs designed for high school students and offered at many colleges and universities,” Salacuse said. “These types of activities will help ensure a student is highly prepared for university level mathematics.”

Registration for the annual Kettering Mathematics Olympiad closes on November 30.

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