Honoring 800+ years of service

Mar 20, 2008

More than 60 employees were honored for their 800+ years of service during the annual service awards celebration March 17 at Kettering University.

Kettering University celebrated a combined 800+ years of dedicated efforts by its employees during the annual Service Awards celebration March 17.  The event featured a luncheon, games and a PowerPoint presentation with photos and quotes from many of the honorees.

Linda Peterson, vice president of Human Resources, and Beth Ewald, Kettering’s Human Resources Manager, served as the master of ceremonies. PresidentS tan Liberty congratulated the many honorees and thanked them for their dedicated service.

Dr. Robert “Doc Mac” McAllister, professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, was honored for the most years of service at 30 years.

Nine employees were honored for 25 years service.  They are:
Mohammad Ali, Mechanical Engineering
Stewart Ellis, Liberal Studies
Huseyin Hiziroglu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
George Jones, IT Operations
Tracey Rodgerson, Video Satellite Operations
Deborah Rumsey, Enrollment Management
Mary Thomas, Information Technology
Mohammad Torfeh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wyn Wilson, Enrollment Management  

Six were honored for two decades of service:
Joel Berry, Mechanical Engineering
Carol Brooks, Academic Services
Denise LaFreniere, Institutional Effectiveness
Julie Ulseth, Marketing Services
Karen Wilkinson, Liberal Studies
Paul Zang, Mechanical Engineering

Ten were honored for 15 years service:
Dick Dippery, Mechanical Engineering
Richard Lundstrom, Mechanical Engineering
Andrzej Przyjazny, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Hugh Stilley, Liberal Studies
Laura Sullivan, Mechanical Engineering
Kathryn Svinarich, Physics
Dwight Tavada, Office of Multicultural Student Initiatives
Massoud Tavakoli, Mechanical Engineering
Mark Wicks, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Deborah Williams-Roberts, WellnessCenter

Eighteen were honored for a decade of service:
Rickey Booth, Custodial & Grounds,
Bob Cunningham, Physics
Greg Davis, Mechanical Engineering
Raghu Echempati, Mechanical Engineering
David Foster, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mark Gellis, Liberal Studies
Winfred Harrelson, IT Operations
Darren Herrick, Operational Services
Barb Huffman, Financial Aid
Jim Huggins, Computer Science
Brenda Lemke, Mechanical Engineering
James McDonald, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bob Olivarez, IT Applications and Systems
Vickie Perge, Custodial & Grounds
Noreen Perkins, Liberal Studies
Lisa Phillips, Enrollment Management
Cheryl Respecki, Registrar’s Office
Ali Zand, Chemistry/Biochemistry  

Nineteen have five years service:
Joe Bellor, Operational Services
Ella Derricks, Academic Services
Dan Garcia, Information Technology
Nadia Gilbert, Office of Multicultural Student Initiatives
Betsy Homsher, Student Affairs
Joyce Humphrey, Plant Maintenance Business Operations
Becky Ibbotson, Registrar’s Office
Chuck Keeler, Campus Safety
Ken Kominek, Plant Maintenance
Terri Lynch-Caris, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Lorna Mercier, Enrollment Management
Jason Premo, Enrollment Management
Badri Rao, Liberal Studies
Cristina Reed, Student Affairs
Dustin Short, Plant Maintenance
Leanna Sweezea, Operational Services
Girma Tewolde, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Judy Vamossy, Business Office
Mike VanSlyke, Alumni Affairs

Written by Patricia Mroczek
(810) 762-9533