Funding innovation

Jul 4, 2008

A new technology, developed by Kettering visiting professor Dr. Lars Beholz, expands potential uses of polyolefins by the plastics industry.

Dr. Lars Beholz, visiting assistant professor of Chemistry at Kettering, received $71,000 from the Frankel Commercialization Fund and $50,000  from the Michigan State University Rational Siting Push/Pull Accelerator 2 (RSPPA2) program, in support of the technology he developed to alter the surface of polyolefin plastics so the material will easily accept coatings.

The funding will support Beholz Tech, Inc., the company founded by Beholz, to advance his discovery. According to Beholz the pre-seed seed money will be used for prototype development, customer identification, marketing plan development and the recruitment of management personnel. “If we are successful, I think we will have a handful of people within 12 months working here in Flint,” said Beholz.

Prior to Dr. Beholz’s technology the coating, bonding and chemical modification of polyolefin plastics was generally prohibitive due to the financial investment required and the dangerous chemical byproducts created. Beholz’s development of environmentally aware coatings will enable additional uses and new markets for polyolefins by the $110 billion plastics industry.

“We are very pleased to be able to partner with UM’s Frankel Fund and MSU’s RSPPA2 fund,” said Dr. Beholz. “The funding will be absolutely critical to enable Beholz Tech to produce sample products that we can use in sales to potential customers and to attract more investors.” 

In addition to his teaching duties at Kettering, Beholz is involved in a variety of research projects at the university including the Chemical Agent Fate Research Project, relating to chemical dispersion, for the Defense Department, and the Increased Artificial Joint Life in Friction Bearing Orthopedic Applications research project, to extend the life of joint replacements, in collaboration with McLaren Regional Medical Center.

BeholzTech Inc. is a developer of a new generation of environmentally aware performance materials for use in advanced manufacturing and beyond. For more information about the company, visit

The Frankel Commercialization Fund (FCF) is a pre-seed investment fund established to identify and accelerate the commercialization of entrepreneurial ideas with great potential and vision for the future. Established in 2005, the fund is believed to be the only student venture capital fund of its kind. MBA students operate the fund and will provide technical assistance to Beholz Tech through early stage development.

Contact: Dawn Hibbard