Delphi Technologies showcases new Intelligent Driving technology at Kettering University

Delphi Technologies took to Kettering University’s GM Mobility Research Center Monday to unveil and demo the company’s Intelligent Driving technology in advance of the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Mary Gustanski ‘85, Chief Technology Officer for Delphi Technologies, presented to local and statewide media about the opportunities and benefits that come with Intelligent Driving technology, while top Delphi Technologies engineers and staff showed the technology off first hand on Kettering’s test track. Delphi Technologies demos Intelligent Driving on Kettering's test track

The Intelligent Driving technology will be adapted to work with advances in vehicle connectivity and autonomy to predict the route ahead. As a result, vehicles will know – in advance – the best route to travel for optimum operation of the hybrid engine to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Intelligent Driving will use information on what traffic the vehicle is about to encounter, how steep the hills are on the path head and when traffic lights are going to change to bring a 10 percent gain in fuel economy.

“The Intelligent Driving technology will help the vehicle drive smarter and drive farther. It’s not automated but it will help with automation in the future,” Gustanski said. “It was great to be able to preview this technology at Kettering University’s GM Mobility Research Center. The work being done at Delphi Technologies aligns well with what Kettering students and faculty are doing to advance mobility.”

Kettering’s GM Mobility Research Center was completed this year and sits on a 21-acre parcel of property that formerly housed GM’s Chevrolet Division, or “Chevy in the Hole,” facility. The facility includes a 3.25-acre customizable test pad built to race track performance specifications, low-speed handling loops with elevation and surface changes, and a 3,000-square foot research annex with labs, offices, and a garage with vehicle bays.

“Having a unique, state-of-the-art on campus facility like the Kettering University GM Mobility Research Center opens up great opportunities for industry collaboration like this partnership with Delphi Technologies,” said Kettering President Dr. Robert McMahan. “The facility allows corporations and partners to continue to move the mobility industry forward with new and creative technologies. We are thrilled to have Delphi Technologies on Kettering’s campus.”