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Khat and the Ethiopian reality

By Website Administrator | Nov 19, 2004
Dr. Ezekiel Gebissa and colleagues in Ethiopia hope to create a national research center to study the impact, history and economics of khat, a psychoactive shrub, as a cash crop for the ... Read More

Seeing red, or green - chemistry of color vision

By Website Administrator | Nov 12, 2004
At first glance, Dr. Ali Zand's research on the chemistry of color vision defies the very foundation of the art world, where red, blue and yellow are the "primary colors" from whence all other colors ... Read More

Play ball!

By Website Administrator | Oct 21, 2004
He doesn't have a contract to play with any team, or presume to make any assessments about why the Detroit Tigers have played so poorly the last several years. He doesn't hang out at the area batting ... Read More

Chemical warfare on cancer

By Website Administrator | Oct 7, 2004
It sounds like the stuff of science fiction thrillers - "Ali Zand and his team investigate the inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinases to starve the enemy by cutting off new food supply routes." In ... Read More

Multimedia man

By Website Administrator | Sep 30, 2004
In a tech world where "multimedia" is now a chorus, Peter Stanchev has been tapped to help with the harmony. Kettering's associate professor of Computer Science recently returned from teaching ... Read More

Baseball bat research

By Website Administrator | Sep 24, 2004
Dan Russell, associate professor of Applied Physics, presented two papers at the fifth International Conference on the Engineering of Sport Sept. 13-16 at the University of California-Davis. The ... Read More

The Final Frontier - the human brain

By Website Administrator | Sep 2, 2004
Two years ago Dr. Jeff Hargrove, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University and adjunct assistant professor of Internal Medicine at Michigan State University, launched a ... Read More

Fuel cell efforts paying off

By Website Administrator | Jul 22, 2004
Kettering's research into fuel cells and their potential impact on American culture, society and industry are paying off in big ways. Recently, the Associated Press ran a story about Kettering's work ... Read More

All systems secure

By Website Administrator | Jun 10, 2004
When you slam on your brakes unexpectedly while driving, do you worry that your car may not stop? Do you wonder if your airbag will actually deploy correctly, given the infrequency of its use, or if ... Read More

Effective new therapy for arthritis

By Website Administrator | Jun 3, 2004
Joint fluid therapy (JFT), a new treatment for patients diagnosed with arthritis in the knee joint, is showing great results. In a technique akin to "changing your oil," doctors inject a biological ... Read More