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Equal warfare

By Website Administrator | Apr 27, 2007
Women drivers.A terrible stereotype. No truth to it whatsoever. In fact, some women drivers have had tremendous impact on the world of motor sports. Look at Danica Patrick, or Lyn St. James' storied ... Read More

Unabridged connections

By Website Administrator | Apr 6, 2007
This video clip shows an actual drop of the chemical Mustard, which is the primary ingredient in Mustard Gas used in previous wars, on sand. Navaz's ... Read More

Improving internet information retrieval

By Website Administrator | Mar 23, 2007
Once, the internet was called the information superhighway. But today, that superhighway is often gummed up with useless information derived from multiple sources that never quite get to what we're ... Read More

Full-body cast crash testing

By Website Administrator | Feb 16, 2007
Engineering a "cure" for a potentially dangerous situation, Dr. Patrick Atkinson, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Julie Zielinski, M.D., M.S. orthopedic surgery resident at ... Read More

Car Seat Campaign

By Website Administrator | Feb 9, 2007
Almost 2,000 children under 14 die every year in traffic accidents. More than 40 percent of those children that are killed are totally unrestrained, according to the group Advocates for Highway ... Read More

Hydraulic hybrid engines

By Website Administrator | Dec 1, 2006
When the testing is finalized and the matrix is complete, a new hydraulic hybrid technology for use in large commercial trucks could represent billions of dollars in fuel savings. Dr. Ram S. ... Read More

On the chemical runway!

By Website Administrator | Nov 20, 2006
On this runway, there are no bone-thin, emaciated models prancing back and forth.No plump red lips painted onto hollowed cheeks and inexplicable pouts. In fact, on this runway, one may find it ... Read More

Kettering leaves its mark

By Website Administrator | Nov 9, 2006
Kettering received an exorbitant amount of exposure and recognition during the Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Association (EMCWA) 2006 conference titled "Succeeding in Times of Change ... Read More

The alchemy of mead

By Website Administrator | Nov 3, 2006
"Mead - often called honey wine - is the world's oldest fermented beverage," according to Dr. Diana Phillips, associate professor and program director for Chemistry at Kettering University. It's ... Read More

Chemical dispersion project expands

By Website Administrator | Sep 15, 2006
The question is complex: how fast do various chemicals, especially those considered dangerous to human life, absorb into household surfaces and our environment?An answer may be close at hand. Dr. ... Read More