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Global cooling

By Website Administrator | Apr 17, 2009
In what he termed a counter-intuitive maneuver, Dr. Homayun Navaz, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University, turned down the velocity of cold air and raised the temperature to 32 ... Read More

Agent Fate exceeds expectations

By Website Administrator | Feb 20, 2009
The Love Canal. Some readers might recall the name of this infamous, chemically contaminated area in the Niagara Falls area of New York. More than 21,000 tons of caustics, alkalines, fatty acids and ... Read More

Engineering healing

By Website Administrator | Jan 9, 2009
Injuries to the lower leg, including trauma caused in battle, in an automobile accident, from a gunshot wound or other trauma, have historically proven difficult for doctors to treat. Dr. Patrick ... Read More

Identifying kids' range of motion

By Website Administrator | Dec 12, 2008
Anyone over 30 who has watched kids tumble around the living room floor knows that children are more flexible than adults. However, until recently, measurements for car safety restraints, physical ... Read More

Contact fatigue by the numbers

By Website Administrator | Dec 1, 2008
Kettering’s Dr. Ilya Kudish is one of 18 of the world’s leading authorities on rolling contact fatigue. He and his colleagues met in Lyon, France, this year to try to mathematically unravel ... Read More

Green lighting

By Website Administrator | Sep 19, 2008
A “green” lighting revolution will happen over the next few years, according to Dr. Doug Melton, associate professor of Electrical Engineering, and Kettering University students will have had an ... Read More

International conference features Kettering profs

By Website Administrator | Aug 29, 2008
Several Kettering University faculty members and post-doctorate researchers participated in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Sixth International Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and ... Read More

Bottle up the noise!

By Website Administrator | Jul 25, 2008
Empty bottles create interesting tones. Why? Place one to your lips and blow. Hear that resonance? Not music, but an interesting quality nonetheless. The sound of a beefed-up car engine—a 1969 GTO ... Read More

Bio-fuels and classic cars

By Website Administrator | Jul 18, 2008
The rumor mill among classic car enthusiasts is that modern gasoline is ruining classic car parts, specifically engines and fuels systems. “The concern is that modern fuels may have a negative ... Read More

Funding innovation

By Website Administrator | Jul 4, 2008
Dr. Lars Beholz, visiting assistant professor of Chemistry at Kettering, received $71,000 from the Frankel Commercialization Fund and $50,000  from the Michigan State University Rational Siting ... Read More