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Contact fatigue by the numbers

Dec 1, 2008
Kettering’s Dr. Ilya Kudish is one of 18 of the world’s leading authorities on rolling contact fatigue. He and his colleagues met in Lyon, France, this year to try to mathematically unravel ... Read More

Green lighting

Sep 19, 2008
A “green” lighting revolution will happen over the next few years, according to Dr. Doug Melton, associate professor of Electrical Engineering, and Kettering University students will have had an ... Read More

Bottle up the noise!

Jul 25, 2008
Empty bottles create interesting tones. Why? Place one to your lips and blow. Hear that resonance? Not music, but an interesting quality nonetheless.The sound of a beefed-up car engine—a 1969 GTO ... Read More

Bio-fuels and classic cars

Jul 18, 2008
The rumor mill among classic car enthusiasts is that modern gasoline is ruining classic car parts, specifically engines and fuels systems. “The concern is that modern fuels may have a negative ... Read More

Stick work

May 30, 2008
Some old-timers still refuse to get rid of their “twigs.” For them, nothing can replace the feel of a hockey puck on a wood stick.Maybe they played minor league hockey before face masks were a ... Read More

Chemical Agent Fate project receives boost

May 7, 2008
Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, recently announced funding for Michigan projects authorized in the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2009. ... Read More

Digging deep into droplets

Feb 26, 2008
The droplets are small. Miniscule. Nearly imperceptible to the human eye. But for Dr. Homayun Navaz of Kettering University’s Mechanical Engineering Dept., they’re all worth a million ... Read More

Conflict resolution and Hinduism

Feb 14, 2008
Everyone has heard the phrase “looking at a problem with fresh eyes,” and that is precisely what Dr. Badrinath Rao, associate professor of Liberal Studies at Kettering University has done. Rao ... Read More

Benchmarking bio-fuels

Oct 19, 2007
The current high prices for crude oil and natural gas have greatly increased the commercial viability of alternative fuels. Once more expensive to process into fuel than crude oil, bio-fuels are now ... Read More

Greening public transportation

Oct 12, 2007
Kettering University in Flint has partnered with Flint's Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) to conserve energy through the use of hybrid vehicles. Five flower-power mini buses retro-fitted with ... Read More