Community Vitality efforts a highlight of 2013

Jan 9, 2014

Students, faculty and university administrators have committed themselves to giving back to the greater Flint community.

Community Vitality is one of Kettering University’s core values in its mission. Community vitality indicates a cultural mindset to harness higher education to give back to Flint, Mich., in a positive, constructive and sustainable way.

Students, faculty and university administrators have embraced this mindset and committed themselves to the greater Flint community. Below is a summary of Kettering’s community vitality efforts in 2013.

Kettering’s Engineers Without Borders Head Overseas

Kettering’s Engineers Without Borders B-Section (EWB-B) Chapter headed back to the South African village of Vukuzenzele in January 2013 to continue their work bringing clean, safe drinking water to the village, according to Dr. Laura Sullivan, adviser for the group and professor of Mechanical Engineering. Read the full story.

Kettering Unveils “University Corner”

Kettering University revitalized a historic Flint neighborhood at the corner of University and Chevrolet Avenue by opening an Einstein Bros. Bagels and Flint Police Service Center at that intersection.  Read the full story with photos and videos from the ribbon cutting ceremony.

State-of-the-art, high definition security center unveiled

The system, which makes Kettering's campus among the most secure in the country, was funded by a donation from the Lear Corporation. The donation supports a $330,000 campus initiative, supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which includes renovation of the Campus Safety service center, increased security enforcement and utilization of the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) model of security. Lear's security team also provided expertise and served as consultants on the project. More details on the security system.

Atwood Stadium to become part of campus

Kettering University and the city of Flint have reached an agreement on the framework under which the City of Flint will transfer ownership of Atwood Stadium to Kettering University … Atwood Stadium is a cultural icon at the heart of the University Corridor, the area along the Flint River stretching from McLaren Regional Medical Center and Kettering University, past Hurley Medical Center, to downtown Flint and the University of Michigan-Flint. The University Corridor Alliance includes Kettering, McLaren, UM-Flint and Hurley, institutions within the community who are partnering to create a walkable region that connects the area’s higher education, healthcare and community residents with the growing, vibrant downtown. Read the full story.

EPA Pledges Clean-Up to Kettering-Owned Portion of Chevy in the Hole

Kettering University owns a portion of the Chevy in the Hole property, located at the corner of Bluff Street and Chevrolet Avenue, which is included in the $350,000 in funding received by the county. The funding is part of $15 million nationwide given to 41 communities to assist with cleanup and redevelopment projects on properties designated brownfields – former industrial sites where future development is hindered because of past contamination that must be cleaned up before redevelopment can occur. Get the full story on the EPA’s efforts in Flint and in Genesee County.

Kettering University, Powers Catholic launch dual enrollment courses

Kettering will offer one section per semester with approximately 20 students per class. Students will work from the same syllabus she uses for Kettering students, but since the courses will be on the Powers semester schedule, she will be with the students for more hours. Learn more about Kettering’s relationship with Powers Catholic.

Maria Goodpaster, Amber Coe and Todd TurfeA Transformational Collaboration

Kettering University students have created a transformational business plan to launch St. Luke N.E.W. (North End Women) Life Enterprises, Inc., from six part-time employees to 100 full-time, then eventually 1,000 full-time employees, responding to contractual agreements for medical facilities all over the region. Read the full details of the plan.

Kettering’s Neighborhood Redevelopment Initiatives Highlighted

"We are not an island. Our success is tied to Flint's success," Kettering President Robert McMahan said. "We have an obligation of service. One of the things we want to teach our students is community service." (via MLive)

Kettering Student Organizes College Town Leadership Summit at the Flint Institute of Arts

His goal for the college summit is to bring new knowledge to the stakeholders in the city and then have it applied by community leaders. His long-term vision for the participating higher education institutions is to develop new leaders who will begin new ventures and bring jobs back to Flint. Read the full details on the summit.

Kettering Graduates Commit to Teaching in Under-Served Neighborhoods

Kettering graduates Michael Ploof ’08 and Sarah Patterson ’10 are bringing their unique background and experiences to inner city classrooms after being named W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellows this summer. The fellowship will simultaneously place Ploof and Patterson in an intensive master’s program at Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University respectively and in classrooms in low-achieving schools in Ypsilanti and Detroit. Read the full story.

Hundreds of students helped with community clean-up throughout the Flint area during six Service Saturday events coordinated by Kettering. Pictured are student volunteers who participated in the July 13 event.

Service Saturday Projects

Over 200 students and faculty participated in Service Saturday projects in 2013. Coordinated by Student Affairs and University Advancement, these projects helped support a range of community vitality activities in the city of Flint. Twelve Service Saturdays are planned for 2014. Due to this work and other community support efforts, Kettering has been awarded the Tall Oak Award by Keep Genesee County Beautiful and will receive this award on March 10, 2014.

Kettering Students Make Blankets for Charity

A First Year Experience (FYE) class spent their class period during Thanksgiving week making blankets for a drive organized by West Side Baptist Church in Flushing, Mich. Read the full story.