Building synergy in Flint

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Mott Community College and Kettering University signed a strategic partnership agreement Tuesday, Dec. 17, that strengthens the working relationship between the two Flint institutions and provides more pathways for students to have access to engineering and technical careers.

Officials from the two schools gathered in Mott Community College's new Regional Technology Center for a signing ceremony strengthening the partnership by offering smoother transitions, an exchange of students and a team effort for finding more financial assistance for MCC students transferring to Kettering.

"Today, Mott Community College and Kettering University agree to form a strategic partnership that will take a planned and systematic approach to the mutual support of our students and our community," said Kettering University President James E.A. John. "This planned approach to our collaboration will help establish a larger cadre of students at Mott College who are focused on entering Kettering."

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Mott Community College President M. Richard Shaink said MCC already transfers more students to Kettering than any other community college in the nation. Twenty-nine former Mott students are currently attending Kettering.


"Mott College and Kettering have not only been neighbors in the same city for many years but have worked together on a number of initiatives, including a curriculum development project in fuel cell technology," Shaink said. "This partnership increases our ability to encourage students to consider careers in engineering and work on the mutual development of our campuses."

"The ultimate goal," said Bob Nichols, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Kettering, "is for MCC and Kettering to collaborate in developing more technical talent in Mid-Michigan to help business grow."

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Program components include:

  • Established points of contact at both campuses,
  • Career forums,
  • Mentoring,
  • Academic advising coordination,
  • Career services,
  • Development of additional financial assistance,
  • Expedited transcript request and transcript evaluation process, and
  • Student referrals between the campuses.

"This is more than just an enhancement of our current agreement," said James Drummond, Interim Dean of Curriculum at Mott Community College. "Our new processes will ensure a flow of information to fully inform and completely support students interested in transferring from one institution to the other. We will work with students to have a clearer understanding of the curricular offerings and support services available."

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The agreement also calls for joint academic advising and career development support, access to courses to maximize student success and the smooth transition of students from one institution to the other. That includes the early identification and referral of interested students.

Joint enrollment of students will allow Kettering students to use resources available at Mott College for appropriate and needed courses.

Future endeavors may include joint outreach to companies, alumni, community agencies and organizations to help with more scholarship and co-op support and also faculty collaboration in instructional development, research and professional growth opportunities.

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