$1 parking ticket + 50 years

Feb 24, 2005

Jack Cramer finally pays his 1954 parking ticket from his days as a student at Kettering/GMI.

Jack Cramer '54 didn't put enough change in the parking meter.

The Californian was rummaging through piles of old stuff recently when he ran across a $1 parking ticket he got while he was a student at GMI (now Kettering University) in Flint. Its date: July 26, 1954.

"I got a good laugh when I saw it, but then I thought 'What if they're still trying to collect this?'" he said.

Cramer said he called the Flint Police Department's traffic division to inform them of his find, and pledged to cover his outstanding debt. He also found out the same violation would cost him $25 these days.

"The lady I talked to thought it was very funny and joked that she wanted to transfer my call to the court," he said. "I said," 'No, someone over there might not have a sense of humor.'"

Cramer graduated from GMI in August 1954 and moved away shortly afterward. He now lives north of Sacramento and hasn't returned to Flint since then. "I was always afraid to come back because I knew I had this outstanding ticket," he mused. "But the pangs of conscience were getting to me."

So he mailed the $1 along with the ticket, no interest included.

Reprinted with permission of The Flint Journal
Story by Marlon Vaughn of The Flint Journal

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