The Future of Mobility

Kettering University is proud to be at the forefront of automated mobility. From training the next generation of technology leaders to helping automotive and new mobility companies test their products, these are just a few of the ways we’re mobilizing the future.


Autonomous Vehicles

Chevy bolt autodrive car

Academic Programs

Named #1 Automotive Engineering School by the College Gazette in 2021, Kettering has programs available for undergraduate and graduate students interested in designing autonomous vehicles and helping to solve complex problems related to the move toward self-driving vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles detecting objects along the road.


Our faculty actively research autonomous vehicles and technology to discover innovative solutions for the future of smart mobility transportation.

Students from the Intelligent Ground Vehicle team do a test drive before competition.

Competition Teams

Kettering students excel as part of several teams advancing autonomous vehicle development including the SAE and General Motors' AutoDrive Challenge and Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition.

Electric Vehicles

Student behind the wheel of self-driving car.

Academic Programs

There are more than 10 million electric vehicles on roads worldwide. Kettering University has a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs focused on electric vehicles and infrastructure needs associated with the cars.

Electric vehicle battery prototype


Kettering University faculty are helping to solve complex problems around electric vehicle battery chargers and alternator systems.

Kettering University's 2020 EV Kartz competition vehicle.

Competition Teams

To our student teams, competing in electric vehicle competitions can range from driving a go cart to designing and testing cutting-edge, energy efficient modes of transportation.

Mobility Connectivity

At Kettering, we aren't just teaching and researching the design of autonomous and electric vehicles but also seeking ways to improve human interaction with these vehicles.

Our research labs are focused on advances in automated driving and multimodal user interface designs as well as evaluating human and systems interactions.

Autonomous vehicles provide more opportunities for drivers and passengers to spend their time.