Credit Doc K for quality follow up!

Dr. Henry (Doc K) Kowalski and Jurnell BurtonIn March, Dr. Henry (Doc K) Kowalski of Mechanical Engineering and the head coach of Kettering's Metal Muscle FIRST Robotics team, provided a new iPad for a give-away contest to any high school student who turned in their names and addresses for the drawing at Kettering's FIRST Robotics District games.

It turns out the winner --  Jurnell Burton -- is a local student from Flint and also a mentee in Kettering's Kagle Leadership Initiatives.

So Doc K invited the young man back to campus to check in with him.

"Thank you so much!," the 14-year-old freshman at Flint Northern High School said May 8 when he visited campus.  "The iPad helps me out a lot.  I use it for school, homework and even scheduling," he said. "I was really surprised when I found out I won.  A team mate had to push me out on the floor to go get the iPad during district games.  I was very surprised and am very grateful."

Burton is a member of FIRST Robotics Team #322, Flint FIRE, where he helps build and design the team's FIRST robot.  Burton came to campus with Flint FIRE Coach Sheila Barnes, a long-time volunteer for the Kettering Kickoff and Kettering FIRST District Games.  "We were so excited when we heard Jurnell's name," Barnes said.  "This is great."

Burton's Kagle Mentor is Kettering student Locksly Wallace.  He and other Kagle mentors help Burton with personal and educational opportunities.  "The Kagle mentors help us get ready for college and other things like school work," he explained. 

Dwight Tavada of Student Life, Jurnell Burton, of Flint Northern High School, his FIRST Robotics Coach Sheila Barnes of Flint FIRE, and Dr. Henry Kowalski.Burton said he is interested in math, science and engineering, but recently discovered a new interest in politics and law.  "I'm only a freshman so I have time to figure out my interests," he added.

Dr. Kowalski said he was pleased to see Burton again and pleased that the iPad contest was so popular at this year's FIRST District games.  "We collected 400 recruitment cards and now have all that information on high school students," Kowalski added.