Graduate Billing and Payment


When registering for courses, students acknowledge enrollment in the course(s) selected and authorize Kettering University to bill them for any related tuition and fees. A student remains enrolled in a course until the student completes, signs and submits a course withdrawal form. Billing notices are emailed to each student’s Kettering email by the Student Accounts Office. Payment is due the day your class begins. A "hold" will be placed on the account for those students who have not paid their tuition, submitted a voucher or enrolled in the NBS payment plan. A “hold” will prevent future registrations, may result in a $40 late fee, and grade reports and transcripts being withheld.


Payment is due the day your class begins.

Tuition payment may be made by check, employer voucher or money order.

Individuals who wish to pay online will be directed to NBS Payments, our third party service provider, to make payment by credit card or bank account. All payment information is on your invoice.

If you have any questions concerning payment, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 800.955.4464 x 9552 or email

Graduate Refund Rates and Dates

Traditional Graduate Tuition Refund Policy

When a student withdraws from a course, refunds are made on the following schedule:

Week 1 100%
Week 275%
Week 350%
Week 425%
After week 40%

Specific dates are stated in the registration instructions for each term.

Tuition refunds are initiated by completing a "Course Change" Form. The postmark or fax date when the form is received by the University determines the refund amount. Students are personally responsible for mailing the forms and verifying their receipt by the University. Refunds are made to the payer of the tuition.

Kettering University Online Graduate Tuition Refund Policy

Week 1 - 100%
After Week 1 - 0%