Close-up VEX Robot

VEX KGMIAA Sponsorships

The Kettering/GMI Alumni Association (KGMIAA) is proud to sponsor VEX teams.

KGMIAA strongly supports high school age students who, like many Kettering / GMI alumni did at that time in their lives, have a strong interest or desire in STEM areas. Robotics competitions like VEX are a way for these students to explore and grow their interests prior to attending college.

Sponsorship Application

Team Information

Kettering/GMI Team Connection

Please explain your teams connection(s) to Kettering University/GMI (e.g. team mentor who is an alum, mentor who is a current student, parent who is an alum and involved with the team, etc.). Please list all connections.

Alumni Connection Contact Information

If any of the team's connections to Kettering University/GMI is an alumni of the university, please provide first and last name, email address and role on team.

Student Essay & Photo

In 500 words or less, please have a student describe why they think their team is deserving of a sponsorship.

If you would like to share a photo of your team and robot showing the progress this season, email the photo to and be sure to indicate your team number when you send it. We encourage you to continue to send photos as the season progesses.

Our team grants permission to Kettering University to use any portion of our submitted Team Essay or photos that we send in.

Please check if you agree to grant permission for use.

Sponsorship Funds


We'd love to visit you and your team! If your teaming is planning to be at VEX events, please let us know what those events are and the location. You can list more than one event.

If your team does not yet have any planned events, please e-mail your schedule once it is set to