Your Name and Student ID Number – Make sure that these two items are on every document submitted to the FAO by you or on your behalf.

Respond to Requests for Information Promptly - The sooner you send us required information, the sooner we can continue processing your financial aid application.   If you do not send us requested information in a timely manner, your aid may be canceled or its disbursement delayed.  Do not wait until the beginning of the semester to take care of financial aid paperwork and questions.

Complete forms carefully – Read all instructions before you begin.  Provide all information requested.

Reapply every year - The FAFSA is available in January of each year. Your financial aid is not renewed automatically. You must submit all required forms each year. Funds for certain programs are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Investigate other sources of aid - Schools, public libraries, and the web are excellent sources for resources about financial aid. Many places of employment, professional associations, and labor unions have programs that help pay the cost of education for employees, members, or their children. Other sources include foundations, religious organizations, fraternities or sororities, community organizations, and civic groups.

Manage debt wisely - We recommend that borrowing be limited to necessary educational expenses

Call or visit the Office of Financial Aid with any questions or concerns you may have.