Professor, Polymer Chemistry

G. Reginald Bell, Professor of Polymer Chemistry
Master's degree from the University of Tennessee in Organic Chemistry and Polymer Science

Bell has never met a Kettering student, in 50 years of teaching, that wasn't one of his "favorite students." This ever-popular Chemistry professor likes Kettering students for their maturity, creativity and ability to plan and analyze. He enjoys the opportunity to interact inside and outside the classroom with what he calls "so many exceptional individuals."

His advice to prospective students is that "you cannot afford not to come to Kettering. A degree from Kettering is the key to success."

Hidden talents and outside interests: He doesn't brag about it, but Bell plays a wicked game of ping pong. His reputation on the table is such that Joe Spielman, former GM vice president of North America assembly and stamping operations, has returned to campus for re-matches. Bell is also willing to engage in a rousing game of bridge or talk astronomy with any and all takers.


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