Associate Professor of Communication


PhD from University of Nebraska, Lincoln in English (Rhetoric and Composition and Creative Writing)

MFA from Mills College in English and Creative Writing

Courses Taught

COMM 101:  Written and Oral Communication I
COMM 301:  Written and Oral Communication II
COMM 391:  Listening across Cultures
COMM 391:  Public Writing

ext 5530

Rhetoric and composition, Pedagogy, Rhetorics of listening, Intercultural engagement, Public Writing, Poetry

"Sacramento Delta."  Natural Bridge "The Living Earth."  Ed. Drucilla Wall.  26 (Fall 2011):  76.  Print.  (poem)

“With Our Ears to the Ground:  Compassionate Listening in Israel-Palestine,” Silence and Listening as Rhetorical Arts.  Ed. Cheryl Glenn and Krista Ratcliffe.  Carbondale, Illinois:  Southern Illinois University Press,  2011. 217-230.  Print.

“Investigating Us-Them Thinking for Social Justice,” Academic Exchange Quarterly 15.1 (Spring 2011).  146-150.  Print. 


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