C. Leslie CharlesC. Leslie Charles is an award-winning professional speaker and author with seven books to her credit. One of her books, “Why Is Everyone so Cranky?” received critical acclaim and thrust her into the national media spotlight for two years. While Leslie’s career spans three decades, she continually updates her material to keep in step with social change. Having prevailed over numerous challenges in her own life, Leslie speaks with gentle authority on how to consistently and persistently bring out your best, even under the worst of

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Keynote Address

Life is not a Duress Rehearsal

Let’s face it. We are imperfect creatures living, loving, and pursuing our livelihoods in a less-than-perfect world. Things break, mistakes or accidents happen, people annoy or disappoint us, and unwanted events disrupt our sense of security and peace of mind. We may be living in a time of unexpected adversity but that doesn’t mean we need to be isolated or incensed. In fact, just the opposite is true. This is a perfect time for reaching out and reaffirming what’s right in our lives. When life bites, we need to examine the clever, creative ways we produce unnecessary stress so we can reach inside and ratchet up our resilience. By applying some practical, simple strategies, not only can we get more enjoyment out of life, but the lucky individuals who live or work with us will find our company far more enjoyable, too, a blessing in disguise!