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Faculty / Staff

David Vineyard

Assistant Professor Computer Science 1700 University Ave
2-300M AB
810.762.9500 x5768 5768

Connie Vlachovic

Central Receiving & Support Assistant Auxiliary Services 1700 University Ave
1-217 AB

Carlotta Walker

Adjunct Faculty Department of Business

Alvin Wallace

Stadium Assistant Recreation Center

Christine Wallace

Vice President of the Kettering Global Campus, Clinical Faculty, Department of Business Department of Business, Kettering Global 3-900 CC 810.762.9575

Lihua Wang

Associate Professor, BioInorganic Chemistry Chemistry / Biochemistry 1700 University Ave
3-109 MC

Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes and nanoparticles for potential biomedical applications. Analysis and characterization of antioxidant activities of plant extracts.

Dr. Wang's Research Profile

Yunsheng Wang

Assistant Professor of Computer Science Computer Science 1700 University Avenue
Room: 2-300 F AB
810.762.9500 x5979 5979

Anna Ward

Retail Manager Kettering Dining Services 810.232.7670

Connie Warner

Program Development Manager Kettering Global 3-311 CC 810.762.9521

Ravi Warrier

Professor of Electrical Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering, Graduate Faculty 1700 University Ave
2-703 Q AB

Digital signal processing and controls