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Rebecca Jess

Industrial Engineering IME Department
1700 University Ave
1-700 AB

Dena Johnson

Coordinator KAGLE Leadership Initiatives Kagle Leadership Initiatives, Staff, Student Life 1700 University Avenue
3-300 CC

Mohammad Jondy

Research Assistant Office of Sponsored Research

Beverly Jones

Associate Professor of Management Department of Business, Graduate Faculty 1700 University Ave
4-512 AB
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Dr. Beverly Jones, associate professor of Management
Ph.D. from Union Institute in Management

What Jones appreciates most about Kettering students is their time management skills. She went into teaching because she wanted to share her knowledge and professional experience and she's glad she did because of her interaction with what she calls "smart, assertive thinkers" at Kettering.

She encourages all prospective students to come to Kettering for the outstanding learning experience cooperative education has to offer.

Hidden talents and outside interests: Don't get between Jones and a shopping opportunity. This self-described shop-a-holic is on a mission! She also enjoys traveling and keeping up with her sorority sisters.

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George Jones

End User Comp Specialist, Int. Information Technology, Staff 1700 University Ave
1-600 CC

Katherine Jones

1700 University Ave
2-910 CC

Stephanie Jones

Associate Director of Pre-College Programs Office of Multicultural Student Initiatives, Pre-College Programs, Staff, Student Life 1700 University Ave
3-300 CC

Tracie Jones

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions Admissions, Marketing, Communications and Enrollment, Staff 1700 University Ave
4-725 CC

Abbey Kaiser

Supplemental Learning Coordinator Academic Success Center 1700 University Ave
3-322 AB

Kenneth Kaiser

Professor of Electrical Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering, Graduate Faculty 1700 University Ave
2-703 K AB
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Dr. Kenneth L. Kaiser, professor of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering, with expertise in electromagnetic compatibility, applied electrostatics, and electrical safety.

Kaiser sees Kettering students as experienced and able to "get the job done" which he feels is what distinguishes them from students at other universities. The strong emphasis on teaching, the cooperative education program, small class size, and interaction of professors with students all figured highly in Kaiser's decision to teach at Kettering. It is the small class size and experienced students that Kaiser enjoys most.

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not working with his students, Kaiser enjoys painting portraits in oil and beekeeping.

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